Thursday, July 12, 2012

Authors: Can we be too outspoken?

The title is a rhetorical question and I have no intention of delving into the matter with studies or any other data, nor will I tell you what you should do.

I'm seriously considering deactivating my facebook page.  All I end up doing is confronting ass clowns who speak as if they're the end-all, be all of publishing.  I don't like when authors disrespect other authors --directly or indirectly-- under the guise of reprimanding them for not taking a more professional approach towards writing and publishing their work.  We've seen it all before: "authors need to be more professional, author's need to hire an editor an a book cover designer, authors need to stop self-publishing..." Okay, that's enough.  Regurgitating vomit from self-appointed authorities on publishing such as other authors, book reviewers and other self-important ass clowns is pretty nauseating. 

My response to all this:


How is another author's arguably unprofessional approach towards writing and publishing books hurting me?  If a reader sees that shitty book with an even shittier homemade book cover they won't buy it.  That's hurting that particular author's brand and if another author wants to be known for putting out substandard work that's perfectly fine for me. This is the only industry where so-called professionals rag their peers.  I don't see Five Guys publicly insulting McDonald's for selling shitty burgers, because they're too busy selling the public $7.00 burgers that are far superior to McDonald's double cheeseburgers.

Different authors have different motivations for writing and publishing a book.  They write book as a hobby.  I write because I hope to never work a day job again unless its a rewarding opportunity that I can't refuse.  I don't knock other writers for their methods of publishing because the writers who chose to cut corners will not affect my business negatively or positively.  When it all boils down to it, its up to me to sit my ass at the computer and craft my stories.  Giving my unsolicited subjective opinion on authors' shitty publishing practices is not going to build my backlist or put any money in my pocket.  At best, putting down authors who choose not to be in my league --quality and talentwise-- only serves to distract me from building my backlist and making money.

My suggestion to other writers: focus on your own career.

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