Friday, June 29, 2012

Writers Seeking Validation From Book Reviewers

There's a misconception that I hate book reviewers.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I LOVE BOOK REVIEWERS regardless whether they give me 5-star, 3-star, or 1-star reviews. This is one reason I seek out readers to review my books.

I only speak out against the self-important assholes who throw their faux superiority around like touchdown passes.  Its sickening when I see the self-important assholes put on airs giving unsolicited advice to writers as if they're experts on what's best for a writer's career when THEY'RE NOT.  This is like patients giving surgeons advice on how to conduct a surgical operation on the basis of having one or several operations performed on them.

I also speak out against authors who validate these assholes by assigning them a level of superiority that they haven't earned.  It hurts me to see writers explaining to reviewers why they wrote what they wrote and why the reviewer should reconsider their review.  This only serves to perpetuate the inferiority complex that many of my writing peers struggle with while stroking the ego of the self-important reviewer, so hell yes I speak out against it whenever I get an opportunity.

Reviewers, just because you don't like a book doesn't give you a platform to snicker and be downright disrespectful towards authors or anyone for that matter.

Authors, you need to stop kissing everyone's ass.  If you don't lose your need to feel validated you'll never be at peace with yourself because you'll never be able to satisfy everyone, no matter how good a book you write.

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