Monday, October 3, 2011

Today's Blog Tour Stop: Alisha Paige's Blog

This is officially the third day of my Jim Money blog tour, but the first day announcing it on my blog --I sure could use some improvement in my organizational skills. So far its been a fun challenge writing so many blogs and working on my book at the same time, so I'd like for you to check out today's blog stop -- Alisha Paige's blog. That post can be accessed below, I have also included the hashtags for those of you who would like to help out by copying and pasting these links and sending them out as tweets(please include all the #hashtags):

Jim Money Blog Tour Stop #3

Jim Money's Dating Tips for Women
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If you missed my first two blog appearances, here they are:

Jim Money Blog Tour Stop #2

Gambling is Addictive
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Jim Money Blog Tour Stop #1

Kindle Author: Glenn Gamble Interview
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  1. I read all of these posts and they were great. I look forward to being on this tour as well!

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