Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Organization Skills Suck

So far, I've embarked on several stops on my blog tour, and I've come to the realization that blog touring, writing and working are overwhelming, and as a result, I've developed soreness in my wrist and forearm from typing so much, and most importantly, I've blown deadlines for guest blog and interview submissions. To those bloggers, I truly apologize. I feel so overwhelmed right now, and I did not anticipate not being able to keep my commitments. I'm hoping that we can work out some alternate arrangements so we can get these blogs up and keep the tour alive. Please forgive me


  1. Glenn - it happens to all of us. We have all been duped into thinking that all this interaction will sell our books, so we slavishly follow the behests of those who fill their blogs with 'advice'.

    I have found that no matter what I do, my sales keep on simmering in the background at the same old rate.

    The best thing you can do to gain attention for your writing is blog less, and produce more in the way of sellable writing. It's the only thing that really works.

  2. You're absolutely write, I mean right. I didn't necessarily do the blog tour to sell books. I'm putting in sweat equity to build relationships with bloggers, but to have a sales goal in mind would make this a disappointing endeavor.

    The best way to sell books is to write one after another then once a book catches fire, you'll already have more content for people to buy.

  3. Hi Glen, I had not receive my book so my tour will have to re-scheduled or i will do one another time if your current schedule does not permit one for this tour.
    Reading Rendezvous reviewz aka Sidne