Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Jim Money Series

Currently, I'm setting up blog stops for the Jim Money blog tour. This has been a good experience and a learning experience. Thank goodness I began contacting bloggers 2 months in advance for my blog tour. I really don't know how JA Konrath managed to write 100 blogs in 27 days. I'm finding it challenging to email enough bloggers to fill my blog tour dates because of time constraints.

So far, I've got 21 blog stops in 21 days booked for reviews, guest posts, and interviews. That means I've only got 10 days... Make that 9 days left in October--someone just emailed me mid-sentence agreeing to feature me for a guest post.

What does this mean to you?

If you want to feature me on your blog to guest post, answer your list of interview questions via email, or review my book during the Jim Money Blog Tour then you need to get in touch with me NOW at glenngamblebooks(at)gmail(dot)com

Now that you have that pertinent information, there are more than a few things that you should take into consideration before booking me:

1) All of the books in the Jim Money series are suspense thrillers that are fast paced and keep you wondering what will happen next. If you are a reader who believes that good characterization is a dedication of one chapter per character describing his/her physical features then I may not be the author you want to read, but maybe your readers might like my books, so tell them to come to

2) When you read a book in the Jim Money series, you should expect prose that contains harsh, profane language. Why? Because Jim and his associates are shylockers, gamblers, and criminals. Most players in such an underground society don't say please and thank you, and use strong language. If the words, fuck, shit, pussy, motherfucker, bitch, and other obscenities that I can't think of make you cringe to the point that it interrupts your reading experience and you feel like you must put the book down for the sake of great cozy literature, then the Jim Money series isn't for you.

3) The books in the Jim Money series are not literary works where I devote entire chapters describing the walls in a room, and the brewing coffee in the pot --unless those descriptions serves a purpose in contributing to the storyline and building suspense. If you like overly descriptive settings and don't want to use your imagination, fine by me. The Jim Money series isn't for you.

4) If you like a good build up of suspense before you reach the climax of the story without having to describe what kind of paint is on the car that Jim's driving. Then you just might like the Jim Money series.

5) If you like suspense in tandem with action, there's a good chance that you will like the Jim Money series.

Now that you've taken all of the above into consideration, if you'd like to be a part of the Jim Money blog tour, then shoot an email to glenngamblebooks(at)gmail(dot)com

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