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Interview with Renee Angelah

Name of the book:

In A Dream

Renee Angelah

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A native of Champaign, Illinois, Renée Angelah, is a former substitute teacher and special education advocate who encompasses the totality of global unified community. With a Bachelors specializing in Business Administration from Eastern Illinois University, Renée applies and utilizes the learned techniques to formulate a successful business in cultivating people. Passion, motivation and sincerity are her keys to living an abundantly happy, faith-filled life. Renée Angelah began writing around five years ago, after conscientiously observing relationships between friends, family and the external world. She paid particular attention to interactions between males and females both intimately and non-attached. As she researched these interactions through many avenues such as lectures, self-help books and romance novels, Renée began to feel a pull to contribute her thoughts to the public. Thus she began formulating "“In A Dream"” as a vehicle to express her ideologies in a creative story-telling way.

As “"In A Dream"” began to take shape, Renée found it to be a useful tool in keeping students interested and intrigued. She would often bring her laptop to assignments and read parts of the story as it unfolded captivating classes of students from 7th -12th grade. In 2007 Renée Angelah shelved her literary efforts in order to pursue advocacy for students’ rights. As she watched her daughter who has Autism, as well as many other students with disabilities, fall thru the cracks of public education, her mission became clear to assist parents in overcoming stigmas, labels and limited expectations. She continued advocacy thru 2009 until she was forced to completely release her daughter from the despair of public education in favor of a focused homeschool curriculum.Traumatic events continued to follow as Renée was presented with emotional and physical trials that shook the very foundation of her existence. Within the first nine months of 2010, life altering situations such as car accidents, death, cancer and a broken engagement left Renée broken, defeated and in despair. It was “In A Dream” that proved to be her saving grace as she began once again to reformulate the manuscript, holding tight to its completion and release in December 2010.

Tell me about your book?

“In A Dream” is an adult fairy tale, a contemporary love story that intermixes fantasy with reality. It revolves around relationships in all aspects; male/female, friendships, parental relations as well as ex-spouses. “In A Dream” centers around two main characters Johnny Walker and Celeste Tucker who meet on a beach after virtually being invisible to each other for 3 years

On a college campus. Johnny is an all-star basketball player with a head for engineering and a spiritual foundation based upon Buddhist practices. Celeste is a single mother who has not dated seriously since she left the Peace Corps and gave birth to her son. She maintains her volunteer efforts as well as educational pursuits. Both Johnny and Celeste have best friends who add to the light humorous undertone by voicing their opinions, but also display what true friendship entails.

As differences in class, socio-economic status, associations and sensual experience become more apparent one is always left wondering whether the couple will truly live happily ever after.

“In A Dream” may appear to be predictable, on the surface, but with each chapter a new situation arises with more surprises.

What will readers like about your book?

I believe readers will appreciate the descriptive ease and poetic flow of “In A Dream” exposing them to terminology not otherwise used in everyday language. The novel will encapsulate the reader taking them away from the mundane repetitious lifestyle and for a moment draw you into a new world.

What inspired you to write this particular story?

I began to write this romance after having left several very intense and abusive relationships reflecting on what would a perfect man for me be like. I put pen to paper to describe the perfect relationship and out came “In A Dream.”

When did you start writing?

I started writing in 2005/2006 while working as a substitute teacher.

When did you realize that you were a serious writer?

When I self-published “In A Dream” in December 2010

When did you decide that you wanted to write a book?

After having went thru so much turmoil in 2010, writing gave me a voice that I felt
I could finally express without having to worry about anyone else’s feelings but my own.

Why did you choose this particular genre to write your book in?

I choose romance because I believe love is exactly what the world needs. In the midst of chaos, confusion strife and worry, love is what brings about peace and order. Romance is the harmonious balance, the floetry of songs, the overlapping of colors to produce a painting, the sleek contours of designs. Romance is love and love is the greatest creation.

What is your writing process?

Most of the time I am up in the wee hours of the morning just thinking how I would like a story to develop. Then I write on pieces of paper until I can’t write anymore. I may just have a chapter or a paragraph, it may not even be in the order I desire. I allow for inspiration to fill me and I draw from that wellspring. When
I feel I have enough handwritten work, then I begin to type, add, delete, and edit many times over until I feel my book is the most perfect piece of work I can release at that moment.

How long does it take you to write your first draft?

That is hard to determine because when I write, I do not operate in time.

Why did you publish on Kindle and other eReaders?

Kindle and other ereaders are the wave of the future and they allow many to access your work who otherwise would not.

What kind of advice would you like to share with an aspiring writer who’s looking to publish a book for the first time?

Be open and receptive to whatever the universe has to offer even rejection can be a stepping stone to something better make your presence known in all avenues you can think for doors may open that you can never imagine if you just stay flexible.

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