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Interview with Jason Krumbine

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Jason Krumbine is the author behind the pulse pounding, wisecracking Alex Cheradon Series, the dead soul hunting Grym Brothers Series, and the tongue-in-cheek paranormal romance "A Graveyard Romance." He can be reached at, on twitter @jasonkrumbine or on www.facebook/jmkwriter. Visit to keep up to date on all of Jason’s newest releases.

How would you describe your story/book?

TWO AND A HALF DEAD MEN is kind of a ghost story by way of the crime genre. It’s the first in a series called, The Grym Brothers. The idea is that grim reapers are real and are kind of like bounty hunters, going after stray dead souls that aren’t quite ready to go to the afterlife.

Here’s the official book description:

People die every day.

But not all of the souls can or want to move onto the afterlife.

That’s where the brothers Thane and Mort Grym come in.

Thane and Mort are bounty hunters for dead souls. They inherited the job from their father and they’re two of the best in town.

But when there’s a double homicide at the Kirkland Motel the Grym brothers end up with more than they bargained for. In a world without vampires, zombies or the undead, one of their bounties might not be as dead as he’s supposed to be.

What will readers like about your book?

I think they’ll like the relationship between the brothers, Thane and Mort. It’s a fast paced novel with a lot of humor and mystery that’ll keep the reader hooked until the end.

What inspired you to write this particular story?

It was my wife’s idea. We were looking for a concept that was a little more conventional then my usual work. Typically my books revolve around a single lead character and the idea of brothers working together has always been something I’ve wanted to explore. The Grym Brothers gave me the opportunity to explore that relationship.

When did you start writing?

I started writing in my teens, finishing my first book in my early twenties.

When did you realize that you were a serious writer?

I’ve always taken my writing pretty seriously. However, in the past year and a half I’ve made a real effort to turn my writing into my livelihood. To that extent, my wife and I worked out a publishing plan for the remainder of the year that has me writing and publishing a new book every month.

When did you decide that you wanted to write a book?

Oh, I decided I wanted to write a book when I was about twenty. Mostly it was out of curiosity to see if I could do it. Up until then my writing had consisted of short stories and I wanted to see if I could actually write something longer than twenty pages. It turns out, I could!

What is your writing process?

It used to be I simply took my idea, sat down at the keyboard and went with it. I didn’t plan much out, some times I would know what the last page was, but beyond that, I just went wherever the story took me.

These days, with my new publishing plan of one book a month, I’ve applied a little more structure. I outline my book beforehand. It can be anything from a detailed, beat-by-beat outline, to just the broad strokes and ideas I want address.

How long does it take you to write your first draft?

With the Grym Brothers series it takes me about two weeks to write the complete novel. For the most part, my first draft is my final draft. I’ll do a read through after I’ve finished writing it and pick out any phrasing or wording that bothers me, maybe massage a plot point or two, but that’s it. I don’t like to caught up in multiple drafts or endlessly polishing the work.

Why did you publish on Kindle and other eReaders?

It was the cheapest and easiest way to get my books out there. With epublishing I didn’t have to worry about overhead, stock, shipping, storefronts, etc. I write the book, design a cover, edit and then deliver it directly to my readers.

What kind of advice would you like to share with an aspiring writer who’s looking to publish a book for the first time?

Don’t be afraid. There’s no real right or wrong way to publish a book. I’ve seen books with crappy covers become bestsellers. I’ve seen great books with awesome covers go nowhere. There are people who will say your book has too much description and there will be people who it doesn’t have enough. Just write whatever makes you happy. Make sure you, as a writer/reader, are satisfied and don’t worry about anyone else.

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