Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PayPal is a Pain in the Ass

It took a month for my graphic designer to finish my job for four book covers. He did an excellent job and deserves to be paid. Because of PayPal, he won't be paid until tomorrow, yet he finished his job last Wednesday.

See, I did a bank transfer to my PayPal shortly after I approved the final proof because he told me that he preferred payment through PayPal. Fine and dandy, I'll just transfer the funds to my PayPal account and wait a day or two. Shortly after I transferred the funds, I get a confirmation email stating that my funds will be available for use in PayPal on the 28th.

For fuck's sake, the 28th? Fuck!

Now today's the 28th and my funds still haven't cleared, yet it only took my bank one day to pay PayPal. Four days later and my money still hasn't cleared on PayPal. These people are grossly inefficient.

So I called the offshore customer service agent in India to find out what's going on. He told me that the funds will clear today, but he doesn't know when today? Okay, why motherfucker?

Since my graphic designer and editor both love PayPal, I'm going to handle my publishing funds differently. From now on, I'll deposit money in my PayPal account instead of my bank account whenever I'm in-between books, so whenever I commission a job, I'll be able to pay immediately upon completion.
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