Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Android App Blogging Words Into Being

Its been a while blogging, but its hard to blog when I work twice as many hours as most people. Not to mention that blogging on my phone apparently sucks because I'm long winded. I thank God for putting me in a position to wake up every morning, go to work, and more recently work out. I also thank God for my ability to express myself with words. I've been thinking about what I've just texted since Friday.

See, I got my hair-lining done by another barber for the first time in years. I had a get-together that I contemplated not going to until the day of. Now I needed to get lined up, but I couldn't go to my regular barber because I did not see the sense in driving 40 minutes from my job to my regular barber just to drive back 40 minutes back to downtown Chicago for the get-together just to turn around to drive back another 40 minutes to get back home. Gas is just too fucking high for that, and the time wasted would not have been worth it.

Suddenly desperate for a barber I momentarily wondered how I would manage to get my hair lined until one of my coworkers walked by. That's when I remembered that he sometimes takes a liberal lunch hour that seems to stretch whenever he goes out to get his lining at a nearby barber shop while sticking me with the mail and the inventory those days, but fuck that! His lining was crisp as a motherfucker and I was desperate, so I called him over to my desk and had him walk me through setting up a last-minute appointment which required me to take a liberal break of my own. All bullshit aside, my coworker is a good dude and he covered me while I was gone.

I rushed over to the barber shop to find myself getting a lining from a man who was not in a rush, fuck! Then he was telling everyone in the shop how he had been meditating on a scripture, Mark 19:23 I think. Then he got to talking about praying to God and thanking Him for what you have and telling us that it does not make sense to pray for our material desires because He already knows what our wants and desires are and he will bless you in due time as long as you thank God for what you already have and genuinely pray for others. Another thing he told me was to speak more definitely on what I want in taking ownership of it i.e., I'm getting that car, while speaking with purpose without allowing for potential pessimists to shoot your dreams down. Instead of telling people my intentions in times I'm planning and taking action, I'll tell them that I'm working on something. That man's time was expensive, but it was the best lining I've ever had.

Right now you probably think that I've fallen off, but I'm working on something.
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