Monday, November 22, 2010

Vince Young Meltdown

I've been a huge Vince Young supporter for God knows how long. Vince has superhuman athletic ability and an cannon for an arm. How dare Jeff Fisher take VY out the game! Doesn't he understand that his 5th ranked QB rating is the best in the NFL? UNBELIEVABLE! I'm convinced that Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher is on that ready rock. Why else does he pace the sidelines? He hide his twitches behind his menacing stare because he's looking forward to Monday morning when he draws his plays up with lines of cocaine before he snorts his go-route.

So what if Vince Young injured his thumb and didn't look good in his warm-up throws? He's got the fifth highest quarterback rating which is the best in the NFL! I want VY out there throwing with no thumbs. Titans fans are fucking dumb asses for booing him too. They don't know a good quarterback when they see one. Neither does their maniac head coach who wants to rip him like Vince did his tendon. And his best choice is to put Rusty Smith in as his starting quarterback? Yes, he's the second coming of Tom Brady! I am also 7'9" 310 lbs and took Joakim Noah's starting center spot on the Bulls. Jeff Fisher is so full of shit and he knows it! He's starting Rusty Smith because... Oh, I get it! His itty-bitty fweelwings was hurts and his mama wasn't around to kiss it and make it feel bwetter.

Fuck Jeff Fisher!

Okay, Jefferson! Your feelings got hurt when he walked out on your postgame meeting. I mean what was the purpose of him sticking around to hear your bullshit speech. Your team fucking lost because you didn't tape up his thumb and put him back in the game like Vince wanted. I don't give a fuck about his tendon being torn... THIS IS VINCE FUCKING YOUNG! He can go out there with no thumbs, no hands, and no arms and still be the best quarterback you got. He's the best quarterback of all time --at Texas. Dan Marino, eat your heart out! Peyton Manning don't want none of Vince forever Young! And these sports columnists who don't know anything about football and their meathead fans overwhelmingly believe they should give up on Vince Young --THE GREATEST FOOTBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME! You guys obviously don't know what you're watching. I win every game the Titans play with Vince starting at quarterback whenever I play Madden!

Its a shame that some of you wonder why Titans safety Michael Griffin ran after Vince Young after he stormed out the locker room. Its because Vince Young is the GREATEST FOOTBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME! Even his incompletions are amazing!

Jeff Fisher, you ought to be ashamed of yourself!

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