Monday, November 22, 2010

Vince Young Meltdown

I've been a huge Vince Young supporter for God knows how long. Vince has superhuman athletic ability and an cannon for an arm. How dare Jeff Fisher take VY out the game! Doesn't he understand that his 5th ranked QB rating is the best in the NFL? UNBELIEVABLE! I'm convinced that Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher is on that ready rock. Why else does he pace the sidelines? He hide his twitches behind his menacing stare because he's looking forward to Monday morning when he draws his plays up with lines of cocaine before he snorts his go-route.

So what if Vince Young injured his thumb and didn't look good in his warm-up throws? He's got the fifth highest quarterback rating which is the best in the NFL! I want VY out there throwing with no thumbs. Titans fans are fucking dumb asses for booing him too. They don't know a good quarterback when they see one. Neither does their maniac head coach who wants to rip him like Vince did his tendon. And his best choice is to put Rusty Smith in as his starting quarterback? Yes, he's the second coming of Tom Brady! I am also 7'9" 310 lbs and took Joakim Noah's starting center spot on the Bulls. Jeff Fisher is so full of shit and he knows it! He's starting Rusty Smith because... Oh, I get it! His itty-bitty fweelwings was hurts and his mama wasn't around to kiss it and make it feel bwetter.

Fuck Jeff Fisher!

Okay, Jefferson! Your feelings got hurt when he walked out on your postgame meeting. I mean what was the purpose of him sticking around to hear your bullshit speech. Your team fucking lost because you didn't tape up his thumb and put him back in the game like Vince wanted. I don't give a fuck about his tendon being torn... THIS IS VINCE FUCKING YOUNG! He can go out there with no thumbs, no hands, and no arms and still be the best quarterback you got. He's the best quarterback of all time --at Texas. Dan Marino, eat your heart out! Peyton Manning don't want none of Vince forever Young! And these sports columnists who don't know anything about football and their meathead fans overwhelmingly believe they should give up on Vince Young --THE GREATEST FOOTBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME! You guys obviously don't know what you're watching. I win every game the Titans play with Vince starting at quarterback whenever I play Madden!

Its a shame that some of you wonder why Titans safety Michael Griffin ran after Vince Young after he stormed out the locker room. Its because Vince Young is the GREATEST FOOTBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME! Even his incompletions are amazing!

Jeff Fisher, you ought to be ashamed of yourself!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mark Sanchez -- Growing Before Our Eyes

I caught the 4th quarter of the Jets - Texans game. What an unbelievable game! I thought sure that the Texans had the game won when they scored with 1:39 left. The Jets got the ball back with 1:15 left in the game and Sanchez went to work. This had to be the greatest comeback drive that I've ever witness. It wasn't as fine-tuned as a Peyton Manning drive. The Texans made him look silly and were getting pressure on him. Mario Williams even made a sack on him on the previous drive. Sanchez came in, went to work, threw a perfect ball to Braylon Edwards and with 9 seconds left, threw a 10-yard, game-winning touchdown pass. I couldn't believe what I was watching. I've never been all that impressed with Mark Sanchez as a passer, but one thing I've always been impressed with is his resilience. In only his second year in the NFL, Sanchez is one of the most resilient quarterback in the game. The scary part, he's going to get better. You're looking at a future Hall of Fame quarterback in the current Jets QB.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Chicago Bears and the Chicago Bulls

I am excited to be a Chicago sports fan right now! The Bears are 7-3 with six tough games left to play this season, and the Bulls are 7-4 in their young season. I'm really more excited for the Bulls especially after they won a tough game 88-83 vs Dallas last night. Derrick Rose is going to be considered the best point guard of all time when its all said and done. No one has ever been more athletic and possess as many talents at Derrick Rose. He's taken his game up another notch averaging 25 points and 8 assists per game at the time of my typing this blog. Taj Gibson has got to be the most improved player in the league averaging 12 points and 7 rebounds per game. He has a beastly game last night scoring 17 points and grabbing 18 rebounds. Dude is a monster this year and when Carlos Boozer returns from his injury, the Bulls need to find a way to get Taj some minutes. I would love to see Taj and Carlos playing the small and power forward spots with Joakim Noah at center. Taj can play the 3 and the 4 when the Bulls go big, and the 5 when they go small. He can spell Luol Deng, Boozer and Noah at various points in the game, so the Bulls could possibly get him 25 - 30 minutes off the bench. With the Bulls looking so good without their #1 scoring option Carlos Boozer, and without fully grasping new coach Tom Thibodeau's defense and offense, like my friend Keith Sowa says THE BULLS ARE GOING TO BE KILLING THE NBA in February!

Some of you reading this may think I'm just a crazy sports-bettor who loves to bet on underdogs for the pay off, but the Bulls are the second best team in the Eastern Conference. The only team I would favor to beat the Bulls in the East is the Boston Celtics --and I would have that series going seven games because they match up very well with them. Think about it, the Miami Heat is the sexy pick to win the championship, but the Bulls would beat them because the Heat lack depth and size on the front line. The Bulls would kill them on the front line and negate the D. Wade/LeBron James tandem in the backcourt. LeBron is a great player, but he turns the ball over a lot, and D. Wade is a bit sloppy with the ball too. Don't believe me, check their stats over their careers. Who else would challenge? Orlando? Just shutdown Dwight Howard by exposing his lack of a post game and Orlando is the worst team in the NBA. The Bulls have the front line to do that. Atlanta? This team may be the highlight factory, but they lack discipline and they never show up in the playoffs. The rest of the East is weak as hell, and the Bobcats might make it interesting, but I'm telling you, don't be surprised if you see the Bulls in the NBA finals -THIS YEAR! Just remember that you read it here first.

As for the Bears, I won't say much about them. I won't lie, I love basketball way more than football, but I casually follow the NFL teams. The Bears are 7-3 and probably should be 9-1 since they gave games away to the Redskins and the Seahawks. Any other year, the Bears would be 2-8 since they've played so badly all year, but with the parity in the NFC, it seems that no one except the Falcons wants to run away with it this year. The Bears have a bad --albeit improving-- offensive line, no running game --because of the offensive line, an overrated defense, and a nervous quarterback --because of the offensive line-- who has had an average season so far. It is amazing that the Bears are first in the NFC North considering that they play the Cover-2, have no shutdown corners in their secondary, and have only had consistent production from special teams. The weird part about the Bears, they have a legitimate chance to get to the Super Bowl, but I doubt that they will. I don't see them beating the Eagles, Giants, Falcons or Saints to get to the Super Bowl.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Better Ways to Say Things

In some ways I'm particular about women, in others I'm very relaxed and carefree about their ways. For instance, I don't really care about how my lady is dressed as long as she got some kind of style about her. Now that I look at the women I normally date, they usually dress pretty conservatively. I've never had to deal with women who wear really short skirts or tight fitting clothes after I turned 23. My women tend to have a good sense of style that stands out without being tastelessly underdressed, but even if she did I don't think I would care.

However, I have grown more particular about how a woman talks, and the choice of words that she uses. I really don't like when a woman uses a lot of profanity. You can say words are just words. Lord knows the countless times I've used that excuse to justify some of the less than colorful remarks that I've made towards people --many of them being women. And I'm right, words are words! Literally words are words, but the way you use words and even the words that you use says a lot about a person's character and emotional state. Think about it, words have the power to entertain, depress, anger, and uplift a person depending on how you want to use those words. Words can do so many things that are beyond the scope of this blog.

I don't want women to cuss around me, but do I automatically cast them off and drop them when they do? NO! I'm learning to be more patient now. I try to remind myself that when I come into a woman's life for the first time, there's a line of men that this woman has let into her life and those men have impacted her in some way whether it be negative or positive. Also, the way she was raised by her family has a lot to do with the words that she choose to use as well. If a woman uses a lot of profanity around a man, its attributed to either her family experience or her experience with men. How has her family members talked to this woman? How has her ex-boyfriends talked to her? Have they asked her 'why the fuck are you on the phone?" "Get the fuck out of my face?" If this is all a person has heard in their lives (very common these days), then its no wonder her words and her actions are profane and aggressive. Its a defense mechanism, just understand that none of this is my fault or your fault as a man who chooses to be with her.

This is one of the areas where I'm learning to be patient. In the RECENT past, I might have said to a woman "DON'T USE THAT KIND OF LANGUAGE AROUND ME! MY MOTHER DIDN'T RAISE ME TO BE WITH A WOMAN WHO CUSSES LIKE A PROJECT WHORE." How effective has that line been for me? The woman might or might not have corrected her language over time, just so she wouldn't make me angry, but more times that not it was very ineffective and only angered her because she felt belittled. I remember a quote from Chicago Overcoat where the main character Lou Marazano tells his grandson "If you're straight with people, they'll be straight with you." I like that quote because its in the vein of "treat people how you wanna be treated." In this case, I find it to be a lot more effective if you take the same foul-mouthed, verbally aggressive woman and talk to her how you wanna be talked to.

So instead of letting a woman go, I'll say something like "I'm surprised that you chose those words to say to me." Why? "Because I think highly of you and your intelligence. I figure that you can use a better choice of words to express your thoughts. I personally am becoming more cognizant of my choice of words too." Then I'm always asked why? What made you decide that you wanted to stop cussing? "Its because I want to set a better example for the people around me. Yes, I know my capabilities and I'm not holier than thou, but I know that I can communicate better and when I don't use such bad language, my communication is more effective. When I have children, I want them to look up to me and know that because I can get my point across without cussing, they can too. I don't just want them to know that, I want them to see that."

I'm not writing this blog to show people how to manipulate women, everyone is a manipulator to begin with. I'm writing this because this is how I feel and I too am improving on how I communicate with people --particularly women. I've lived long enough to know that so many common words exist for you to use that are so powerful, that there's no reason to use profanity unless its a flight or fight situation, and even then, why warn a person that you're gonna punch them if they don't back off, its better to just knock the shit out of them and take names later. You can always show em better than you can tell em, so why telegraph your next move. In dealing with the fairer sex, show her that you're truly powerful by using words that empower her. The way you use words can impact a situation or a person's well being. A person can think that you're a piece of shit just like the rest of them, but if you're always telling her good things about herself, pretty soon she'll start believing it, then she'll want to hear it more from you, then she'll want to be around you more because the more she's around you the better she feels.

I'm not suggesting to be a punk, just turn her aggressiveness around. Most times its not even directed toward you and she's not offended by you. This is my biggest issue. I take too many things as personal attacks towards me. Why, what, and how questions are the best way to navigate these minefields called women. Arguing is ineffective and counterproductive at best. In fact, arguing is a path that only leads to hell.. AVOID IT. As I'm communicating my thoughts to my readers, I'm recording these things as a reminder to myself because I'm a flawed individual when it comes to this. Just this morning I called the majority of the men from my graduating class at Lindblom silly, so I continue to struggle with choosing better words to say, but I am aware of it and I am trying my hardest to find the right balance with my outspoken personality so that I can be a better person.

See when a woman is being profane and aggressive, you can push your muscle around and hurt her feelings by saying foul things, using foul language or being abusive; that's SHOWING power.

Now if you know that you can hurt her feelings, shut her down, beat the crap out her male family members and you choose to uplift her instead.. that's BEING powerful.

Anyone can show power, but to be truly powerful is where you gain leverage in your relationships. Its more powerful to have people do things or be a certain way for you because they want to, than it is for people to do things out of fear. There's too many people out here showing power, pretending to have power, and not enough who actually possess power. The way I look at it, if I choose to empower and be powerful, I'll positively affect more lives than I could ever keep track of all because I found better ways to say things.


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Don't Feel Strong

You know where my mind is at right now after reading yesterday's I Feel Down blog. However, I find myself trying to encourage others when I can't seem to encourage myself. For instance, people tend to tell me personal things about themselves and their lives; things they don't share with other people. When they're down I try to help find a positive solution and cheer them up? Why do I do this? Seriously, why do I try to be strong for others when I'm not strong for myself?

I wish I knew the answers to my own questions.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Feel Down

I'm tired all the time, I waffle aimlessly throughout my day. I don't know sometimes. I feel so stuck in this rut and it seems like its been like this for so long that I don't even know how I got there. Today, I feel down in the dumps, and I don't know why. Sure I've been on facebook flirting with a few women that I graduated Lindblom with and it seems like I'm lighthearted and full of joy, and when I'm around other people or talking to other people I am full of joy, but when I'm alone with my thoughts I'm so down and out.

Today, I don't even know why I feel so low. I overslept, barely got to work on time, made a run to the off site warehouse that took up the majority of the day and I even patched things up with JA at my job.. well sort of. See, I always have all these things that I want to say to a person, but when they get in front of me, I forget what I was supposed to say and all I can do is posture and act macho. At the same time, I can't really say much to her because we work together, she's young and she likes to run her mouth. Soon enough, everyone on all ten floors of my building would know my business. All I want is to see what she's about outside of work, but I'm afraid to ask not because I'm scared of her, I'm scared of what she'll tell other folks, and this ain't no facebook or no Lindblom Alumni bullshit --THIS IS MY JOB!

I like her, but I also like someone else too. Am I wrong for being so confused? So duplicitous? So unwilling to commit to a choice and go after that person? Then there's a third woman that I'd really like to see where it could go if we could spend a little time with each other. She calls me everyday and I really enjoy her conversation, but would I enjoy her? I think we're both scared to find out. Three attractive women, no decision as to where I wanna go with them, not to mention my favorite lady I probably would have married in '04, but we could never seem to get off the ground. Every time we see each other there's an instant attraction, and an instant bond. I feel guilty for sharing my heart with all these women, but what can I do?

Then I keep dreaming about this one woman. Every time I dream about her, she resurfaces. I just don't know how she could resurface after all I said the last time we communicated with each other. How could she come back after all the nasty things I said about her? How can I come back after all the nasty things she said about me? She an evil --woman! With all that said I know she still thinks about me. She's still concerned about my affairs, who I'm talking to, flirting with, etc., yet it doesn't bother me.

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Admissions and Proclaimations

Over the past few months I've lost ungodly sums of money that made me realize a few things. 1) I'm not ready to give up my day job to pursue being a full time author; 2) I'm not ready to be a promoter full-time yet. Sure I could be a subpromoter, but that would be a waste of my time. I feel like if I can only go half-assed at something, I would rather not do it at all or wait until I can go hard at it. It took me talking to BVAX one afternoon to realize that I'm just not ready to kill it. What really struck me is that he had the integrity to turn down my gig and tell me that he didn't think he could bring his people out to the suburbs. What he told me I should do after wards made me realize that 1) I don't have the time to prepare in a week's time; 2) he's right and I have to pay to play. After absorbing the losses that I absorbed these last two parties I realized that I would have been better off using that money as my poker bankroll and playing 1/2 NL Hold Em. At least I would see my money the same night. So I'm out.. for now!

Instead, I'll be on the grind at the local casinos or online raising the $15,000 that I need to get back even with last year. In fact, I just started back playing recently and my game is rusty in comparison to where it was in May when I played every day. I need to learn how to control my temper again because I lost 3x more money than I should have Thursday night when I was at the Horseshoe because I was steaming over a bad player getting lucky on the river against me and taking my entire stack. The name of this game is patience, and after I absorbed that loss, I bought back in and tried to win all my money back too soon with ill-advised bluffs and bad plays. I ended up losing that money too, and decided I would go home before I ended up on Washington & Michigan with a McDonald's cup in my hand begging for enough change to buy a few things off the dollar menu.

I thought that in pursuing other endeavors that I would eventually stop gambling. After failed venture after failed venture I'm starting to feel that the only thing that I know how to do is play poker. That's disappointing to me because I'm a reasonably intelligent person. Although I like a card game as much as anyone else, I don't want my legacy to solely to be "Glenn sure could play a flush draw and a gut-shot straight draw with the best of them." I have more talents than that. Now if poker is a means to an end, fine. I'm cool with raising the amount of money that I need to get out here playing cards because its too damn cold to be selling books on the L train. I found that out last winter.

Even with that being said, I will probably never stop playing poker. I know that I've said that the game has contributed to my lack of trust in mankind, but I never took the time to take a look at how the game has helped me and can help me. 1) It forces me to be honest with myself; 2) It forces me to work on my temper; 3) It also forces me to learn how to make better decisions while I'm angry.

Let's get to my temper.. I have a bad temper and can fly off into a rage like you would never believe. This is when other people's bones get broken, their houses shot up, etc. Its been years since I've gotten that angry, and I would much rather dismiss or walk away from any potential situation where my only option is to try to kill someone. However, I'm talking about my getting so angry where I tear down people or self-destruct. The $70 into $7000 challenge forced me to work on my self-destructive behavior back in April and May, then I got called for my summer job and abandoned it. I was also better at not saying things to hurt people and was really starting to make progress towards a better me. Months later, I ended up embarrassing someone in response to what was said about me. Its time for me to realize what I did and how I fucked up and fucked over someone who meant a lot to me.

Yeah, my response was warranted, but just read my past blog posts over the past 10 months and you'll see that what she did to me was a build-up of things that I said about her that were never addressed by her until that day. I can be a purely evil motherfucker, but I had no idea that she could be as evil as me. She really tried to keep that side of her concealed until I put her in a situation where she couldn't conceal it anymore. Of course, I didn't take that as a sign to change my ways. I got more arrogant as I focused more into my business ventures.

But my ways in the end were the things that turned people off from me. I figured that since I'm a pretty street savvy dude that I could get people to follow me in the streets, but old-school ways of promoting don't work anymore. I get it now! Its more important to treat people well in order to make it in the creative business because this online social networking age has made it impossible to hide the sides of you that you want hidden. Its also given them more options than just 5 years ago. Its also made me realize that you can't be in this to chase money. I got away from that, stopped being creative, stopped doing the things that made me interesting in the first place; all because I was hustling for a dollar. Its funny how for me, my failures in turn make me circle back to my creativity every time because that's how it was supposed to be in the first place.

Now heading into 2011, here's where I'm looking to do with my life:

1) Incorporate daily prayer asking God to have mercy on my soul and to help me develop the patience to make better decisions when I'm angry and to deliver me from the temptation of lashing out and doing evil towards other people.

2) I will no longer refer to women as bitches on facebook or any other social networking medium. I rarely use the word in my personal life, but I don't need to put other people down in order to produce interesting status updates. I've proven it this past week after I announced via note that I was going to stop using the word.

3) I will write more. In fact, I agreed to co-author an anthology with another author that I haven't worked with in a long time.

4) I will get back to being a creative individual.

5) I will go to more creative events such as concerts, plays, poetry festivals, and museums to allow myself to recharge through enjoying someone's work besides my own.

6) I will think more positively and be satisfied with the fact that I made the right decisions and did the right deeds, so the next card or unexpected event are inconsequential because in making the right decisions things will turn out good for me more than they will bad.

7) I will be more understanding of people who don't agree with me.

Does that mean that I will never be outspoken? No! In fact, I promise you that I will probably piss you off sometime within the next 12 months because I'm outspoken and say whatever it is that's on my mind, but there's no malicious intent behind it. I promise not to be so vicious towards people and not to attack people just because I feel like it. I've been given many blessings, but that doesn't give me the right to attack folks for having less due to what I may feel as bad decision making. I've been very fortunate throughout life, but this year I realized how quickly karma can turn my good fortune into less than good fortune. I've eaten a lot of humble pie and its not a good taste, but that's my fault.