Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Forgot About Rapper AZ

How could I forget about one of my favorite rappers of all time AZ? After going through an iTunes playlist that I created back in 2005 I heard "Wanna Be There" and man that song brought back memories of me fraternizing with my workers, fucking co-workers, and of course one of my workers moving my co-supervisor in her crib a few weeks after she fucked me.. lol, but I digress.

Too bad him and Nas couldn't do an album together, but it wasn't for a lack of AZ's trying. Nas was just a selfish, egotistical fuck who couldn't see an opportunity to make more money, and gosh, I couldn't imagine how big that tour would have been for them. As a result, AZ has spit numerous classic bars that will never get heard. And FUCK NAS for the remainder of this blog post. Never mind that he's my favorite rapper of all time.. he fucked up on this one. When right after Stillmatic and Aziatic came out, these two should have recorded the album, but Nas ol' fat neck ass didn't want to do the album. With that being said, I'm kinda glad that Kelis took dude for $40k a month.

Enough of my ranting, if you ain't got Aziatic GET IT!

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