Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You called with K 9? Donk!

I hope you all like the title of this blog entry. It was the exact phrase that another player said to me after he won the hand. For those of you who don't know, donk is short for donkey which is a reference to a bad poker player. Donk, donkey, and jackass are used interchangeably often after a donkey makes a bad call and lucks out when he's an obvious underdog. Now is calling all in bets with K9 suited a donkey play... HELL YES IT IS under normal circumstances, but there are circumstances where this isn't a bad play. My circumstance was one of them.

It was at the final table at one of my $1.00 + $.20 sit n gos where I was the chip leader with 18,000 chips and the blinds were 400/800 ante 50. I was holding King Nine suited (Kc 9c)on the dealer button. The other guy who called me a donkey had 3000 chips holding a pair of tens (10d 10h) in the small blind. I raised it up to 1800 chips to put pressure on the short stacks who also were the small and big blinds since they could be holding any two cards. Most times, if they have no good hand they'll fold to the big stack. In this case, the winner of the hand had 10 10 and went all-in. I would normally fold to an all-in bet, but in this case it was late in the tournament, I had him outchipped 6 to 1, and it only cost me 1200 more to call. Since there was already 5400 chips in the pot, I was getting almost 5 to 1 to call and there's no hand that exists preflop that has me beat 5 to 1. And although K9 suited is usually an unplayable hand to a raise if 3 clubs come out, I suck out when I hit my flush to overtake his hand. I could also hit 3 other kings that are in the deck to give me a pair of kings. No to mention that if I lose the hand, I still am the chip leader by 5k at 15,000 chips.

So I called and at the end of the hand the guy's 10 10 ends up holding up. In fact, he spiked a 10 on the flop to give him a set of tens. Once the hand was over he says to me in the chat box "you called with K9? Donk! You need to learn how to play poker." Of course I called, he didn't have enough chips to force me to fold since I already had lost 1800, what's another 1200 in that spot. No had I risked half of my chip stack calling with that hand, now that's a stupid play. Needless to say, once he won the hand, he tried to hold on to his small win for as long as possible instead of getting aggressive and bluffing folks out of chips who were running low to collect more chips and survive the blinds. Next thing you know he's in the same situation a few orbits later with AK suited (a great starting hand, but not invincible and is still a drawing hand). He goes all in and is called by a guy holding Jack Ten suited. That Jack Ten suited hand also started off behind, but ended up beating AK when he caught a flush... GO FIGURE.

The guy who told me that I need to learn how to play poker ended up finishing in 6th place and out the money. I won that tournament.

My bankroll is $120.02