Sunday, May 9, 2010

Its Time to Be Professional

First of all, I'm not a whiner.

However, I have exploded at a few players over the past few days over making stupid plays and lucking out to take my chips. I don't go as far as giving the players free, unsolicited poker lessons, but I did talk pretty harshly to them. Its time for me to grow up and conduct myself as a profession, because I'm a winner and not a whiner. From now on, I will not cuss anyone out over stupidity. I hate when other people do it to each other throughout the tournament.

The crappy players online are constantly whining about bad beats, stupid poker players, and how if the PokerStars website didn't run so horribly and deal bad beats that they would be able to win with their expert skill. I highly doubt it, and only losers say shit like that. I've had many players tell me that they would crush me live because bad beats aren't as prevalent. I can personally attest to this not being true. Tons of bad beats happen every day at casinos all across the country, and yes they happen more frequently on PokerStars because the hands are dealt 3 - 4 times faster than at a riverboat casino. There are no dealer changes, or money changes online like there are at the boat. The game also plays a lot slower too.

I'm personally done with going to land based casinos because I can make more money online. I might go to the Horseshoe or the Majestic Star occasionally, but I no longer desire to burn gas going back and forth to Indiana just to win or lose a few hundred dollars. At least if I run bad online, I can drop down in limits or buy-ins as low as a dollar (I hope that I never have to play the dollar games again after next week). If I run bad at the boat, I can't play until I make some money online.

With that being said, I'm going to start conducting myself as a professional in all phases of my life, not just poker. No more whining about inconsequential bullshit. Its time to separate myself from the online donkeys who masquerade as experts on micro-limit poker strategy because I'm more accomplished than them, and I play better than them. The reason those masqueraders are always whining and spewing out poker knowledge acquired from the 2+2 forums is because they're insecure about their true knowledge of the game and as a result, they constantly find themselves trying to please others and prove to other people that they're good players. Also, when they do get lucky on a bad beat, they apologize. To me, that's one of the most annoying things about low-level players. Don't tell me you're sorry about putting a bad beat on me unless you're willing to wire me buy-in money for this tournament. I definitely won't apologize for lucking out on you when you call my bluff and I suck out on you. Nope, I'm going to be smiling about the suck out and I'm going to take care of my newfound chips. :-)

One more thing, I'm not saying that I've never come across great players at the $1 level. I certainly have over the past week. These guys were stopping me from running over the final table and made me adjust my strategy just so I could either win or cash out in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th. Those guys are the grinders at those low-levels and eventually they will graduate to playing $5 and $10 sit n gos and making some real money.

Remember that in poker and in all other areas of life..

Winners are not whiners."