Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Played a Little Poker Today

As I promised yesterday, I stopped grinding out 8-hour poker sit n go sessions to focus on my upcoming website project and finals. Instead, I'll play no more than 2 "rounds" of 9 multitabled sit n go sessions, but more than likely I'll only do one until both my project and my finals have been completed. This morning was much better than yesterday poker-wise. I got a good night's sleep and I felt refreshed and on top of my game. I played a round of 9 multitabled sit n gos and cashed in 3 of them, winning two outright and placing 2nd in another. I made $67. The reason I'm not posting this to my bankroll is because I'm going to cash out all monies that I win from now until the day that I resume my challenge. Yes, ALL MONIES except the $322 that I had in my bankroll when I paused my $74 into $7000 challenge.

Speaking of the challenge, I really don't know when I'll resume the challenge, but I'm thinking either Wednesday, May 26th or Wednesday June 2nd. Any money that I win between now and May 25th will be cashed out because I'll need the money for schoolbooks since I've decided to go to summer school. I also decided that in that time, I'm going to stay at the $3 and $5 sngs so that I don't fuck myself by moving up to the $10 ones and forgetting the players' tendencies in the lower ones. Yes, the players are bad in the $10 sngs, but the level of bad in the $3 and $5 ones is 100x higher and bad players can fuck you up if you forget that they'll call their entire stack off on a draw, and if they hit it, you shouldn't call any bets from them. At the same time, when their draws don't hit (70% of the time) they'll pay you off and pad your chip stack so you can finish in the money. Heck, half the players who make it to the final table in these low level sit n go tournaments are bad players. With that being said, I'll stick with the buy-in levels that I'm at now.