Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 10: Turning $74 into $7000 --- Moving on Up!

I played a little over the weekend, 2 hours on Saturday morning and Tuesday night and ran pretty well. I decided that my bankroll was big enough to start playing $3.40 sngs and make more money per win since I ran my bankroll up to $337.10 before today. Then all of a sudden I ran horribly today. For the first time in over a week I had a losing session. It started off well this morning. I won a 45-man $5.50 sng and took 2nd in a 27-man $3.40 sng and placed 4th in another $5.50 27-man sng. I played a little higher in a few sngs because I was taking shots at bigger scores without significant risk to my bankroll. After running my bankroll up to $372.00 I started losing sng after sng, not cashing shit, or losing on the money bubble. I got bad beat so many times that it wasn't even funny. I got my chips in good with the best two cards and the flop, turn, and river was acting ugly towards me. The guys with the worst hand sucked out to beat me more times than I care to remember. Once I started running into such bad luck, I started playing bad and donking off chips and next thing I know, I'd be chip leader in a few tournaments one minute, then getting eliminated a few orbits later. I didn't have my mental toughness today and I'm plain tired. I ended up finishing up the day with $323.00 for a net loss of $14 for today.

Once I lost my profits and started showing a loss, I quit for the day and started reflecting on the current demands of my life. I realized that I'm overextending myself with this challenge. I have a webpage project due for class in less than one week from today, I have homework and a final to study for this weekend, and I have to come to work. I realize that I need to stop being greedy for this money for the next few days and catch up on my work. Hopefully, I'll be able to complete everything by Tuesday, and that's when I'll resume my grind, but I won't resume my challenge until a future date. Yes, it took me playing bad to see these things and I'm glad and disappointed at the same time because I now won't have a chance to get $7,000 by Jun 1st. I wanted to have the majority of that money made by Memorial Day weekend. That way, I'd be able to blow $1000 on having a good time with the people that I care most about. It looks like I won't be doing my Birdman impression anytime soon. And I'm disappointed about not hitting my initial goal.

There's no doubt that I will extend my challenge to an unknown date in June. It'll be better that way because there's no way I can miss three days of playing poker and make the $6600+ that I would need to satisfy my goal. It was supposed to take 18 full business days of grinding within 6 weeks and 3 weeks into the challenge, I realize that I won't be able to play consistent enough. So for now, the challenge won't resume until Memorial Day week. I will play next week, but I'm going to cash out my winnings because I need the money and so that I can resume with the same $323.00 bankroll that I stopped at today. Its important to me that I stick with the integrity of my challenge so that you all will see that my hard work will pay off.

I'm sorry that I won't be able to resume this challenge and I hope that I didn't upset anyone, but I have to fulfill the requirements of my instructors.

My bankroll is $323.00