Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Unofficial Day 1 of $74 into $7000

I stayed up all night doing last minute homework for one of my college classes, as a result I didn't go to work this morning. Instead, I slept a few extra hours and decided to start my $74 into $7000 challenge after sleeping in for most of the hour. So I started off the day with $74 dollars and I only played 33 tables in 4 hours, buying in for $1.20 each. I had disconnection issues all day and had trouble keeping up with the 16 - 17 tables that I was playing simultaneously, and I only played four hours. This is why I called this my unofficial day 1; I only played 4 hours and only a fraction of the tables that I planned to play.

Luckily, I got it together to cash in 10 of the 33 tables for a total profit of $22.62 in the 4 hours that I played for a new bankroll of $96.62. Those were pretty much the numbers I expected, but I gave away 3 tournaments where I made dumb moves when I was close to the money, but I also feel like I'm getting better at walking that fine line between playing tight and stealing blinds when I need to. I'm also happy with the fact that I didn't lose my tournament life over bad preflop calls with a pair of jacks or two overs. I'm getting better at picking my spots to be aggressive and waiting for better opportunities. I'm still not anywhere near as good I used to be when I was playing cash games everyday, but I'm a better sit n go player than I was back then and I'm going to get better as I continue with this challenge.

Anyway, my goal for tomorrow is to play 30 tables simultaneously for a full 8 hours which should come out to be 180 sit n gos played by the end of the day. I also am looking to make 80 dollars in profit for the day.

My goal with this challenge isn't to be a professional poker player again. Its to prove that I am who I say I am, and primarily to make some quick money without having to put up the bankroll required to play $5/10 (at least $20,000) to get the building that I want to get in September. I like the sit n gos for turning short money into bigger money because my entire buy in money isn't being lost if I suffer a bad beat, only the small buy in that I paid for the sit n go is lost. I offset this by playing several sit n gos at the same time and let the law of averages fall into place.

Today, my bankroll is $103.22