Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 4: Turning $74 into $7000 -- DISCIPLINE AND HAVING A PROCESS IN PLACE

I have to make a confession.

I'm nowhere near where I thought I'd be and I haven't been playing disciplined poker this entire time. Granted my hand selection has improved, but I've steered away from my promise to play nothing but sit n gos, then proceeded to lose a boatload of money in the double or nothing sit n go tournaments. Then I won that money back and showed a small profit, only to lose $30 on Monday and Tuesday night combined due to variance and playing sit n gos. I realized that this week an a half has been an important learning experience for me. When I set out to work towards my personal $74 into $7000 challenge, I did not realize that I did not have any processes in place. Grinding at microlimit sngs is relatively new to me and I just thought "heck, I used to be an excellent cash game player offline; if I can win cash games, I can win at sngs. Hell, cash game players are better players than tournament donkeys." And yes, while tournament donkeys are the worst players there are that doesn't necessarily translate into an easy grind. There were small things that I'm now learning such as timing out and the annoying "would you like to register to play this sng" box. I never realized how such small things slow down play and cost me money.

Its the little things that will make you go broke in online poker (its also the little things that fucks up my relationships with women too *sad face*). One of those little things is that the game plays much faster than at a casino. Since the poker software is dealing the hands they deal them 3 times faster than the best land based dealer at any casino. Because of that good poker players also suffer more bad beats, after all we're playing 3 times as many hands as we would at a live casino. I get tired of all the whining that I read in the chat boxes of the poker games "this website is rigged," "the worst hand wins every time," etc. And this is usually after I've been robbed of my tournament life due to a bad player sucking out on me. I tend to resist the temptation to join those people in their cloud of misery and bad beat stories.

Then you got poker players who say that its impossible to win at the microlimit stakes Winning micro-limit cash game players - fact or fiction? . I know for a fact that you can win money in low-limit games. Maybe you can't make a whole lot of money, but you can make a living playing micro-stakes sit n gos and cash games. Maybe my past week and a half hasn't been the best example, but the reasons I've struggled to get any traction going at this moment:

1) Not being prepared to take on such a challenge

2) Not being prepared to put in the kind of work necessary for such a goal


Yes, I suffered some really bad beats and had my share of bad days. Those aren't the reasons why I haven't been able to get my bankroll past $100. I underestimated those "little things" that I mentioned previously. I didn't have a PROCESS in place to ensure success at my task. Monday, I played when unexpectedly my mother needed me to take her to the hospital and other places. I didn't expect to have to do anything, but play poker. Because of that, I was in a hurry to make a profit and ended up losing $10 in the cash game. Tuesday, I played a combination of sit n gos and cash games and lost another $15. My bankroll was down to $68.22 last night. Me going from cash game to sit n go is a big example of me not following my plan. I didn't follow my plan because I was scared after having not been able to implement a process that would allow me to play 30 tables an hour for a total of 180 tables in an 8 hour day.

Its now day 4 and I decided to hold myself accountable for my actions. I took away all the bad beats that happened (because I demonstrated on most days that I was still able to profit despite them) and I really looked at my habits and this is what I came up with:

1)I didn't play 180 tables a day, and I only ended up playing 192 tables for the week. I should have at least played 540 tables for the week.

2)I didn't consider the possibility of me not being able to manually register for multiple sit n go tournaments without timing out. That cost me a lot of micro-limit money.

3)I overplayed pretty "bitch" hands at critical times of at least 25 tournaments and ended up playing hands for all my chips that were dominated. Therefore, I "gave away" some tournaments that I would have otherwise cashed in. I missed out on $13 profit had I come in fifth place every time, and $250 profit had I come in first place each time.

3)I didn't stick to my plan to play microlimit sit n gos only. I played those double or nothing sit n gos and almost went broke. I don't regret my decision to enter the cash games at that point or else you wouldn't be reading this blog right now. However, its best that I stick to sit n gos now that my bankroll is stable

So today, I installed Table Ninja which is software that registers for my tournaments without enduring annoying pop-ups. Table Ninja also clicks my time bank to ensure that I don't time out when I'm playing multiple tables and it also allows me to create and use hot keys instead of my mouse to bet, fold, check or call. I love the software, but it was a bitch learning how to use it today. It registered me for expensive tournaments beyond my bankroll and that pissed me off, but I ended up breaking even for that round of tournaments, and later on I won a two more tournaments and came in 2nd and 3rd in two others to bring me to a $18.78 profit for the day. Not bad for playing 30 sit n gos due to issues with learning how to use Table Ninja and not being able to register for an entire 180 sit n go tournament session.

Tomorrow, I shall:

1) Play 30 sit n gos an hour for a total of 180.

2)Play 8 hours.

3)Play my pretty bitch hands better, and not get fazed by variance.

4)Make sure that I reach out to that special lady. I know this has nothing to do with poker, but she's more important to me than this card hustle.