Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 3: Turning $74 into $7000 --RUNNING BAD AGAIN!

This is becoming a bad joke quite fast, but part of it is my fault this time. Yesterday, I took a break away from the 18 and 27-seat sngs to play these new tables called the double or nothing sngs. Basically you buy in for $1 + the .15 entry fee and you play against 9 other people to win $2. I was attracted to them because they're quick in comparison to the 18 and 27-seat tables, and I only have to outlast 5 other people to win the cash. It seemed like quick, easy money compared to sng tournaments that I had been playing. It turns out that I was dead wrong. I went out on the bubble in sixth place so many times its not funny. In fact, I think its harder to make money in these sngs because the players play super tight in the beginning to middle stages of the tournament and its hard to build a chip stack when no one is playing.

I played 80 of these sngs until I realized that I was down another $24. Now my bankroll has dropped almost 50% in 2 days and I'm nowhere near my goal of $7000 by June 1st. At a $20 loss for the week, I said "what the hell, I might as well play the $.10/.25 NL cash game, so I bought in two of these cash games for $10 each, won $12, donked off another $34 in the $3.40 sngs and made too many desperation plays to get chips early and now my bankroll was down to $30.

At this point, I wanted to give up on this challenge, but then I said to myself "I can't do shit with $30, so I might as well either go broke in the cash game or come up in the cash game. If I can do that, then I'll continue the challenge because I don't want to disappoint the people who are following my challenge." Needless to say, I played in 3 $.10/.25 NL cash games and made $49 profit to bring my bankroll back up to $79.57 within one-hour. It turns out that all the sngs that I played in the past 3 days have improved my overall poker game because I was forced to tighten up my loose play and not piss away chips in dumb bluffs or overplaying pretty bitch cards such as AJ, 99, KQ, KJ, J10. After getting burned in so many instances where I had the best hand preflop, only for the flop to murder me and make my attempts to take down those pots with a bluff futile, I started adjusting my game and I ran well enough to make the sng leaderboard (I'm now 68th) until I started running bad. I had played so many hands that I also started recognizing betting patterns of an online bluffer. I'm not right 100% of the time, but I'd say 2 times out of 3 I can recognize when an online player is bluffing, or when he has a made hand, but is unsure if its the best hand --for instance, holding a pair of threes on a 7d, 8d, 9c flop. I applied what I learned from the sngs to the cash games and these players were handing me their money. I hope that continues. With that being said, I'm going to play a combination of cash games and sngs until my bankroll reaches $550 so that I'll have 100 buy-ins for the $5.00 + .50 sngs because I'm so far behind schedule right now. I was hoping to have a bankroll of $314.00 by now. Instead, I'm just a little about even. I might play some more later today despite stating that I'm going to take Saturdays off.

My bankroll today is $79.57

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