Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 2: Turning $74 into $7000 --RUNNING BAD

To familiarize yourself with my current challenge to turn $74 into $7000 by June 1st, go click ---> I Will Turn $74.00 into $7000 By Jun 1st (06-01-2010)

If I stated that I ran bad yesterday, I REALLY RAN BAD today. The fucked up part, I started the day climbing up to $103.77 to break even to where I was Tuesday night. I got off to huge chip leads in the beginning of several of my sit n gos and felt like today was going to be my breakthrough day, but then the wheels fell off the wagon and sugar went to shit after 10:00 am. I proeeded to lose $25 to bring me down to $78.77, which is only $4.77 more than what I had started with this week. Its frustrating because everything that could go wrong did go wrong. You name it, it happened today. Bad players who did not have a made hand until the river calling off their entire stack and hitting their flushes on my aces, bluffing into a player who has aces. Players hitting three outters on the turn or river after staying in an expensive hand with bottom pair when I had top pair. I can't even list all the crazy shit that happened today. It was a continuation of yesterday with an exception.. I made a huge comeback yesterday. Today, no such comeback was to be. I made at least 30 final tables and in 7 other instances I was close to making the final table finishing 10th, 11th, and 12th. In the times I made the final table, I finished 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th. In the 27-table sngs (sit n go tournaments) the top 5 finishers get paid. In the 18-table sngs the top 4 finishers get paid. I probably have the record for the number of 1-off from the money finishes. I also made some mistakes and bluffed off my good sized chip stacks to people who had aces or had two pair on the flop.

The silver lining in this is that I got this horrible day out of the way. Now I'm going to tear up the tables tomorrow morning. The good thing about life is that you move on to the next day and tomorrow will not be as bad as today. I'm being honest with yall and letting you in on the up and down nature of playing poker for a living. If I end up going bust out of this money, I'll let yall know that too.

Other good news: I'm currently ranked #53 in the number of sit n go tournament points that I've won in placing in the money for this week. This ranking is out of thousands of players who play every week. Last week, I was ranked 4106. Hopefully tomorrow will make me a lot of money and enable me to earn enough points to rise to 1st place because I was only a few hundred points behind the current leader before I started playing this morning. I'll let yall know how that turns out as well.

My current bankroll: $78.77