Thursday, April 29, 2010

Days 5 & 6: Turning $74 into $7000 -- DISCIPLINE AND HAVING A PROCESS IN PLACE pt. 2

The reason I'm posting both days at the same time is because I haven't blogged for two days. I had started my post on day 5 and never finished it. So you'll get a two for one treat today.

Day 5:

Today, I had problems with table ninja. It turns out that when I played more than 15 tables, my computer started running slowly, to the point where I was timing out of hands. I was also playing at a wi-fi location where you only get so much bandwidth per day, and that program also eats bandwidth. So I ended up rushing to another restaurant to complete the tournaments. It took five minutes and I blinded down in some tournaments pretty good. At that point I had spent $36 on tournaments and it appeared that I was going to lose the entire amount. This was a pretty stressful point in my day, and I had a few choices for myself. Either get angry and pout about how my luck is so bad, or recognize the situation for what it is and do what I have control over. So I made it to the restaurant and I start going all in at the tables that I was the short stack. I busted out of the majority of my sit n gos --all but 3 in fact. In those three, I was able to double up and win two and place 2nd in the third one to almost bring me 10 dollars short of even money. Then I registered for 15 more tables with Table Ninja and BAM, my computer starts running slow again. So I closed out of Table Ninja and my computer started running fast again. If I continue to have problems with Table Ninja, I'm going to have to reassess my game plan to turn $74 into $7000.

As for the 15 tables, I placed in the money in six of them, with one 1st place and a bunch of 3rd, 4th and 5th places to bring me a 2 dollar profit. Now $2 sounds like a very small accomplishment, but after how my day went today, I haven't been so happy over a $2 profit in my life. More important than the money, I didn't allow myself to get angry despite all the odds being stacked against me and despite that being the easy and natural thing to do. Instead, I recognized that I was having a terrible moment of shitty luck and a shitty program running on my computer, thought about my two alternatives:

A. Get angry about it, vent and wallow in self-pity over how I'm about to lose $36 without getting a chance to play real tournament poker.

B. Recognize the shitty situation for what it is and focus on what I can do that's within my control.

Obviously, I chose option B, and while this may seem trivial to some of you reading; this is a huge accomplishment for me because I have allowed my temper to get the best of me and ruin my judgment and decision-making at various moments. I knew that I had a slim chance to recover any money that I risked by going with option B, and NO CHANCE of recovering my money by venting and saying "fuck this shit" through going with option A. I learned in day 5 that venting is overrated and there's no such thing as holding it in until you reach a boiling point and explode. Just because I chose not to vent doesn't mean that there isn't another way to release my anger, and this is the concept that the game of poker is reteaching me.

There's no sense in allowing my anger at a situation such as a bad beat, shitty luck, fucked up software, or fucked up people to control me and put on tilt to the point where I'm just making bad decisions that cost me at the table and in life in my interpersonal relationships. My anger is something that I will always struggle with, just as an alcoholic struggles with relapsing and drinking liquor again. My way of releasing my anger is to do everything I can to resolve the situation. This is why online bad beats at these donkfest, microlimit tables don't affect my poker play whereas in the past, I would have tilted and start making desperation plays to get my chips back in one hand.

I read something very simple, yet profound in a poker article on sit n gos where he describes a situation where he was a big stack and he lost half his chips to a medium stack in the tournament on a bad beat. He said that his natural instinct is to get angry and try to get all the chips back in one hand, but there's a problem in that. You didn't get all your chips in one hand and its going to take you more than one hand to recover those chips. At this point, the real solution to your problem is to be a professional by playing good poker and managing the low stack that you have. I won a few tournaments that I would have normally lost in not taking heed to that advice. I am now applying that same logic to life situations. Person didn't respond to my text message in a timely fashion --take it as an annoyance and then when I come across that person later on I ask if everything's okay instead of laying into that person because you never know that person's circumstances. Instead of walking away whenever a person doesn't respond to my requests, demands and needs the way I expected I can be more productive and find out why she's saying these things or why she feels this way. I had vowed not to play poker again, but its allowing me to mature as an individual since there's so many highs and lows with poker. In me knowing that I'm doing everything I can to come to a resolution with someone, or in playing to win over the long term; that right there is a release for my anger without venting and talking about showing up to someone's house so they can smell my cologne.

My bankroll is currently $89.15

Day 6:

Day 6 really sucked ass! I lost $45.00 playing stupid, undisciplined poker. I was so frustrated with having played 4 hours and only breaking even that I decided to try some single table sngs since they're shorter and I only have to beat 7 players --BAD IDEA! I ended up registering for 60 tables over the course of 3 hours and only cashed in $15 worth of prize money which brought my loss down to $45 instead of $60. I'll probably write an article on why I hate single-table sngs at a later date. Because of this terrible loss I could not bring myself to blog. I just wanted to throw my computer somewhere because my bankroll was down to $44. So I came home, slept for a few hours, then got up in the middle of the night and decided to take some shots at the $3.40 game, the $4.40 180-man sng, and a few of my usual $1.20 sngs both 27 and 45-man. I only had 10 tables running because of this setup, but I ended up realizing that I played better in not trying to multitable 20 and 30 sngs at that same time because I was able to concentrate and play beyond tight-aggressive poker. As a result, I made $57.00.

In fact, I was able to play my interpretation of Daniel Negraneau's small-ball tournament poker. The reason I say my interpretation is because I haven't read his book yet, but I used to follow his video blog and back in 2006 he mentioned playing for small pots and position throughout the WSOP ME tournament in describing his frustration with his chip stack dwindling because he keeps running into people who had the hands he represented. In describing the theory that he and Phil Ivey share, I picked up some valuable knowledge in my tournament game and started applying it to free Card Player poker tournaments and later on Zynga tournaments. After making my share of mistakes, I finally tweaked it and used Daniel's advice to create my own style of tournament play.

With this being said, I'm going to go with focusing on my quality of play over quantity of tables I play. By not having to make such quick decisions in betting, calling or folding in mass multitabling, I have the room to play small ball which requires more concentration since it exposes me to plenty of marginal situations. However, I feel like I'm more in control of my destiny instead of barely making it to final tables and shoving with 10BBs all the time. That's not to say that I'll never bust out or that I'll never be a short stack in the late stages of the tourney, but I'll never get blinded down to a short stack --too much luck involved there.

My bankroll is currently $101.52

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 4: Turning $74 into $7000 -- DISCIPLINE AND HAVING A PROCESS IN PLACE

I have to make a confession.

I'm nowhere near where I thought I'd be and I haven't been playing disciplined poker this entire time. Granted my hand selection has improved, but I've steered away from my promise to play nothing but sit n gos, then proceeded to lose a boatload of money in the double or nothing sit n go tournaments. Then I won that money back and showed a small profit, only to lose $30 on Monday and Tuesday night combined due to variance and playing sit n gos. I realized that this week an a half has been an important learning experience for me. When I set out to work towards my personal $74 into $7000 challenge, I did not realize that I did not have any processes in place. Grinding at microlimit sngs is relatively new to me and I just thought "heck, I used to be an excellent cash game player offline; if I can win cash games, I can win at sngs. Hell, cash game players are better players than tournament donkeys." And yes, while tournament donkeys are the worst players there are that doesn't necessarily translate into an easy grind. There were small things that I'm now learning such as timing out and the annoying "would you like to register to play this sng" box. I never realized how such small things slow down play and cost me money.

Its the little things that will make you go broke in online poker (its also the little things that fucks up my relationships with women too *sad face*). One of those little things is that the game plays much faster than at a casino. Since the poker software is dealing the hands they deal them 3 times faster than the best land based dealer at any casino. Because of that good poker players also suffer more bad beats, after all we're playing 3 times as many hands as we would at a live casino. I get tired of all the whining that I read in the chat boxes of the poker games "this website is rigged," "the worst hand wins every time," etc. And this is usually after I've been robbed of my tournament life due to a bad player sucking out on me. I tend to resist the temptation to join those people in their cloud of misery and bad beat stories.

Then you got poker players who say that its impossible to win at the microlimit stakes Winning micro-limit cash game players - fact or fiction? . I know for a fact that you can win money in low-limit games. Maybe you can't make a whole lot of money, but you can make a living playing micro-stakes sit n gos and cash games. Maybe my past week and a half hasn't been the best example, but the reasons I've struggled to get any traction going at this moment:

1) Not being prepared to take on such a challenge

2) Not being prepared to put in the kind of work necessary for such a goal


Yes, I suffered some really bad beats and had my share of bad days. Those aren't the reasons why I haven't been able to get my bankroll past $100. I underestimated those "little things" that I mentioned previously. I didn't have a PROCESS in place to ensure success at my task. Monday, I played when unexpectedly my mother needed me to take her to the hospital and other places. I didn't expect to have to do anything, but play poker. Because of that, I was in a hurry to make a profit and ended up losing $10 in the cash game. Tuesday, I played a combination of sit n gos and cash games and lost another $15. My bankroll was down to $68.22 last night. Me going from cash game to sit n go is a big example of me not following my plan. I didn't follow my plan because I was scared after having not been able to implement a process that would allow me to play 30 tables an hour for a total of 180 tables in an 8 hour day.

Its now day 4 and I decided to hold myself accountable for my actions. I took away all the bad beats that happened (because I demonstrated on most days that I was still able to profit despite them) and I really looked at my habits and this is what I came up with:

1)I didn't play 180 tables a day, and I only ended up playing 192 tables for the week. I should have at least played 540 tables for the week.

2)I didn't consider the possibility of me not being able to manually register for multiple sit n go tournaments without timing out. That cost me a lot of micro-limit money.

3)I overplayed pretty "bitch" hands at critical times of at least 25 tournaments and ended up playing hands for all my chips that were dominated. Therefore, I "gave away" some tournaments that I would have otherwise cashed in. I missed out on $13 profit had I come in fifth place every time, and $250 profit had I come in first place each time.

3)I didn't stick to my plan to play microlimit sit n gos only. I played those double or nothing sit n gos and almost went broke. I don't regret my decision to enter the cash games at that point or else you wouldn't be reading this blog right now. However, its best that I stick to sit n gos now that my bankroll is stable

So today, I installed Table Ninja which is software that registers for my tournaments without enduring annoying pop-ups. Table Ninja also clicks my time bank to ensure that I don't time out when I'm playing multiple tables and it also allows me to create and use hot keys instead of my mouse to bet, fold, check or call. I love the software, but it was a bitch learning how to use it today. It registered me for expensive tournaments beyond my bankroll and that pissed me off, but I ended up breaking even for that round of tournaments, and later on I won a two more tournaments and came in 2nd and 3rd in two others to bring me to a $18.78 profit for the day. Not bad for playing 30 sit n gos due to issues with learning how to use Table Ninja and not being able to register for an entire 180 sit n go tournament session.

Tomorrow, I shall:

1) Play 30 sit n gos an hour for a total of 180.

2)Play 8 hours.

3)Play my pretty bitch hands better, and not get fazed by variance.

4)Make sure that I reach out to that special lady. I know this has nothing to do with poker, but she's more important to me than this card hustle.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Unofficial Day 4a: Turning $74 into $7000 -- My Lucky Pocket Kings!

Yesterday, I played poker for a total of 3 hours. I really didn't have time to play more due to some obligations that I had to meet. In that 3 hour span, I ramped my bankroll up from $79.57 to $98.23 for an almost $19.00 profit. I played a very low-limit NL cash game and spanked those boys with my pocket kings. Combined with the sngs, I had to get pocket kings at least 10 times, and I flopped a set 7 times --3 of which I was up against pocket aces. I so sucked out on those three opponents, but hey, I'm not laying down pocket kings to no all in bet because only one pair beats me (Aces) and I dominate everything else, including AK. With that being said, I was running super good yesterday and wish I had more time to play, but oh well. I won't play at all until Wednesday because I'll be at work all day and on Monday, I'll be at work and school. Maybe I'll play Tuesday if I can get out of class early.. I dunno yet.

My bankroll today is $98.23

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 3: Turning $74 into $7000 --RUNNING BAD AGAIN!

This is becoming a bad joke quite fast, but part of it is my fault this time. Yesterday, I took a break away from the 18 and 27-seat sngs to play these new tables called the double or nothing sngs. Basically you buy in for $1 + the .15 entry fee and you play against 9 other people to win $2. I was attracted to them because they're quick in comparison to the 18 and 27-seat tables, and I only have to outlast 5 other people to win the cash. It seemed like quick, easy money compared to sng tournaments that I had been playing. It turns out that I was dead wrong. I went out on the bubble in sixth place so many times its not funny. In fact, I think its harder to make money in these sngs because the players play super tight in the beginning to middle stages of the tournament and its hard to build a chip stack when no one is playing.

I played 80 of these sngs until I realized that I was down another $24. Now my bankroll has dropped almost 50% in 2 days and I'm nowhere near my goal of $7000 by June 1st. At a $20 loss for the week, I said "what the hell, I might as well play the $.10/.25 NL cash game, so I bought in two of these cash games for $10 each, won $12, donked off another $34 in the $3.40 sngs and made too many desperation plays to get chips early and now my bankroll was down to $30.

At this point, I wanted to give up on this challenge, but then I said to myself "I can't do shit with $30, so I might as well either go broke in the cash game or come up in the cash game. If I can do that, then I'll continue the challenge because I don't want to disappoint the people who are following my challenge." Needless to say, I played in 3 $.10/.25 NL cash games and made $49 profit to bring my bankroll back up to $79.57 within one-hour. It turns out that all the sngs that I played in the past 3 days have improved my overall poker game because I was forced to tighten up my loose play and not piss away chips in dumb bluffs or overplaying pretty bitch cards such as AJ, 99, KQ, KJ, J10. After getting burned in so many instances where I had the best hand preflop, only for the flop to murder me and make my attempts to take down those pots with a bluff futile, I started adjusting my game and I ran well enough to make the sng leaderboard (I'm now 68th) until I started running bad. I had played so many hands that I also started recognizing betting patterns of an online bluffer. I'm not right 100% of the time, but I'd say 2 times out of 3 I can recognize when an online player is bluffing, or when he has a made hand, but is unsure if its the best hand --for instance, holding a pair of threes on a 7d, 8d, 9c flop. I applied what I learned from the sngs to the cash games and these players were handing me their money. I hope that continues. With that being said, I'm going to play a combination of cash games and sngs until my bankroll reaches $550 so that I'll have 100 buy-ins for the $5.00 + .50 sngs because I'm so far behind schedule right now. I was hoping to have a bankroll of $314.00 by now. Instead, I'm just a little about even. I might play some more later today despite stating that I'm going to take Saturdays off.

My bankroll today is $79.57

To familiarize yourself with my current challenge to turn $74 into $7000 by June 1st, go click ---> I Will Turn $74.00 into $7000 By Jun 1st (06-01-2010)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 2: Turning $74 into $7000 --RUNNING BAD

To familiarize yourself with my current challenge to turn $74 into $7000 by June 1st, go click ---> I Will Turn $74.00 into $7000 By Jun 1st (06-01-2010)

If I stated that I ran bad yesterday, I REALLY RAN BAD today. The fucked up part, I started the day climbing up to $103.77 to break even to where I was Tuesday night. I got off to huge chip leads in the beginning of several of my sit n gos and felt like today was going to be my breakthrough day, but then the wheels fell off the wagon and sugar went to shit after 10:00 am. I proeeded to lose $25 to bring me down to $78.77, which is only $4.77 more than what I had started with this week. Its frustrating because everything that could go wrong did go wrong. You name it, it happened today. Bad players who did not have a made hand until the river calling off their entire stack and hitting their flushes on my aces, bluffing into a player who has aces. Players hitting three outters on the turn or river after staying in an expensive hand with bottom pair when I had top pair. I can't even list all the crazy shit that happened today. It was a continuation of yesterday with an exception.. I made a huge comeback yesterday. Today, no such comeback was to be. I made at least 30 final tables and in 7 other instances I was close to making the final table finishing 10th, 11th, and 12th. In the times I made the final table, I finished 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th. In the 27-table sngs (sit n go tournaments) the top 5 finishers get paid. In the 18-table sngs the top 4 finishers get paid. I probably have the record for the number of 1-off from the money finishes. I also made some mistakes and bluffed off my good sized chip stacks to people who had aces or had two pair on the flop.

The silver lining in this is that I got this horrible day out of the way. Now I'm going to tear up the tables tomorrow morning. The good thing about life is that you move on to the next day and tomorrow will not be as bad as today. I'm being honest with yall and letting you in on the up and down nature of playing poker for a living. If I end up going bust out of this money, I'll let yall know that too.

Other good news: I'm currently ranked #53 in the number of sit n go tournament points that I've won in placing in the money for this week. This ranking is out of thousands of players who play every week. Last week, I was ranked 4106. Hopefully tomorrow will make me a lot of money and enable me to earn enough points to rise to 1st place because I was only a few hundred points behind the current leader before I started playing this morning. I'll let yall know how that turns out as well.

My current bankroll: $78.77

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 1: Turning $74 into $7000

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my personal challenge to turn $74 into $7000 click the following link and read my I Will Turn $74.00 into $7000 By Jun 1st (06-01-2010) blog.

I ran pretty bad today. I cashed in less than 20% of my sit n gos at a loss of $6. Today, I decided to go to McDonald's to utilize their free wi-fi and play my sit-n-gos. What a bad idea! I had tons of disconnection problems during the middle of my sit-n-gos where I eventually had to drive back home to get on my trusty dial up connection to finish my last 10 sit n gos in which I cashed in only 2 because I got blinded down to almost nothing on most of the tables I was on, and eventually got eliminated because people didn't fear calling me. This was towards the end of my day.

Throughout my day I was getting bad beat left and right by bad players who were chasing 2 outers or paying huge prices to catch their flush draws versus my pocket aces, etc. I don't let people draw out on me cheaply, but I ran into the donkeys who were sucking out on me and eliminating me from sit n gos that I might have otherwise won. At one point during the day, I was down $16, but fortunately, I was able to make a comeback and cut my losses down to $6 before quitting for the day. I will spare the details of my bad beats because 1) you're not interested in reading about them; 2) these idiots who play bad are the reason why there's money to be made playing online poker --they just got lucky on me today. I'm glad that they're making dumb calls on me with weak hands where I'm a 70% favorite to win. In those all-in situations, hands that win 30% of the time against me, were winning 70% of the time, but in the grand scheme of all the sit n gos and hands I played, I've seen so many flush draws that these donks chased on me not hit, and I either crippled their stack or eliminated them so the numbers will fall in place.

I did learn one thing today.. it will be a while before I can seemlessly play 30 tables effectively. I played 20 at the same time this morning and I kept timing out at various tables. I've decided that I play my best when I'm playing 10 - 15 tables at most, so that's what I'll do and I'll slowly build up to 30, 40 and 50 tables at once.

I feel very disappointed in how my day went because I spent most of the day being down, made a $10 comeback midday, then broke even at the end of the day for a loss of $6 dollars. When you spend a day playing well only to break even or take a small loss, its really disheartening and it feels like my self-imposed challenge is impossible to accomplish for that moment, but I got people on facebook following my progress and I can't let them down and that motivates me to continue moving forward with my challenge. If I fail to make $7,000 by June 1st, I will post how much I fell short by. However the one positive that I can take away from this day is that I persevered when things weren't going my way instead of blowing up and playing bad, or saying "fuck this challenge!" See, my temperament has gotten better over the years, but I have blown up at people and over situations from time to time only to feel bad about my judgment later on. This happened when I got angry with my former classmates, insulted them, then argued with them on facebook. Because of my temperament I really feel good about not giving up on my play and playing badly because I'm angry.

The important thing for me to remember is that I will get angry with donks when they're fucking me up with bad plays that they luck out on and beat me with --instead of appearing to not be angry. I'm actually applying this to my personal life too. Basically, recognize that I'm angry and why I'm angry then proceed to think about the course of action that would allow me to blow off steam steam, but accomplish nothing; and the course of action that I would take if I were not angry at all. In the poker sense, recognize that I'm angry because idiots are beating me with bad play; then think about the course of action that would allow me to blow off steam and accomplish nothing which in this case would to be to join the donks in playing bad and trying to suck out on someone; and the course of action I would take if I were not angry would be to realize that bad calls like that are the reason why I will beat these donkeys 70% of the time if we were to make these same plays repeatedly and the best course of action will be to catch them when they make more mistakes. I'm also going to apply this course of action to my relationships with women. Lord knows that women like me, fall in love with me, and are crazy about me and I fuck that all up with these women because I failed to recognize that I'm angry, why I'm angry, my options and the best option. I know that women tend to envision marrying me on the first date and I'm not saying this out of arrogance and conceit, but out of experiences I've had. Who said that poker is useless? Its taught me a very important life lesson just now.

What made me go through this spiel on my personal anger management? Because I realized to myself that because I'm a good player, I'm going to experience bad beats so there's no use in proceeding to act out of anger. I'm going to get angry because I expected things to go one way and they blew up in my face in-spite of me doing everything right in these bad beat hands. Just because I'm angry doesn't give me the right to use poor judgment, misbehave and piss away my bankroll. Instead, recognize the situation, think about my options, and proceed with the best one.

This is how I will handle people from now on. Who cares if someone talks out the side of their mouth on facebook under the guise of joking and LOLs? I don't have to put them in check and remind them that I can find them because I know somebody who know somebody who know something about it. I believe that acting out of anger takes away from my brilliance in life and I refuse to give my temperament that kind of power again. To all those women whose feelings I've hurt, I'm sorry. Poker puts things in perspective for me and I realize how damaging my temperament has been. Now I will proceed tomorrow with a goal to add another $80 to my bankroll playing $1.20 sit n gos. Wish me luck!

My bankroll is now $96.67

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Unofficial Day 1 of $74 into $7000

I stayed up all night doing last minute homework for one of my college classes, as a result I didn't go to work this morning. Instead, I slept a few extra hours and decided to start my $74 into $7000 challenge after sleeping in for most of the hour. So I started off the day with $74 dollars and I only played 33 tables in 4 hours, buying in for $1.20 each. I had disconnection issues all day and had trouble keeping up with the 16 - 17 tables that I was playing simultaneously, and I only played four hours. This is why I called this my unofficial day 1; I only played 4 hours and only a fraction of the tables that I planned to play.

Luckily, I got it together to cash in 10 of the 33 tables for a total profit of $22.62 in the 4 hours that I played for a new bankroll of $96.62. Those were pretty much the numbers I expected, but I gave away 3 tournaments where I made dumb moves when I was close to the money, but I also feel like I'm getting better at walking that fine line between playing tight and stealing blinds when I need to. I'm also happy with the fact that I didn't lose my tournament life over bad preflop calls with a pair of jacks or two overs. I'm getting better at picking my spots to be aggressive and waiting for better opportunities. I'm still not anywhere near as good I used to be when I was playing cash games everyday, but I'm a better sit n go player than I was back then and I'm going to get better as I continue with this challenge.

Anyway, my goal for tomorrow is to play 30 tables simultaneously for a full 8 hours which should come out to be 180 sit n gos played by the end of the day. I also am looking to make 80 dollars in profit for the day.

My goal with this challenge isn't to be a professional poker player again. Its to prove that I am who I say I am, and primarily to make some quick money without having to put up the bankroll required to play $5/10 (at least $20,000) to get the building that I want to get in September. I like the sit n gos for turning short money into bigger money because my entire buy in money isn't being lost if I suffer a bad beat, only the small buy in that I paid for the sit n go is lost. I offset this by playing several sit n gos at the same time and let the law of averages fall into place.

Today, my bankroll is $103.22

I Will Turn $74.00 into $7000 By Jun 1st (06-01-2010)

The Story

I got a handful of people who doubt how much of a card hustling poker player I used to be 4 years ago. They say that they google me and can't find me in CardPlayer rankings and can't find no tournaments that I played in. They're absolutely right! They won't find me because I played in small tournaments at East Chicago Resorts (now Ameristar), Majestic Star, and the Horseshoe in Tunica. I won a few tournaments in 2006, but I did not make the majority of my money in tournaments because I felt that there was too much variance involved. You're batting 1.000 if you win 30 percent of the tournaments that you enter. Since I played live tournaments, that meant waiting between cashes for almost an entire month. Because of this, I was mostly a cash game specialist where I made the majority of my bankroll playing 2/5 and 5/10. It was hard back in those days because they didn't have 1/2 and you had $200 max for 2/5 and $500 max for 5/10. You make a raise and see a flop and bet it, and next thing you know you're pot-committed when facing a reraise. Needless to say, that was the main reason I took my game down south where casinos had no max buyin and now I can make a good lay down and wait for a better opportunity to unhinge someone's money.

The Announcement

Enough of my history, yall still don't fucking believe me, so here's what I'm going to do for the rest of this month and the month of may. I'm going to turn $74 into $7000 in less than 2 months. This won't prove that I'm the best poker player in the world.. heck I'm no longer the best poker player in Illinois --where I used to murder the Sunday cash game at the Empress (what a shitty casino). In fact, I don't believe that I'm amongst the best 300 players in the Chicago/Northwest Indiana area anymore. Its been years since I've played on a consistent basis, and I'm really squared up now. However, to put your doubts to rest, I'm going to show yall that I possess the discipline to turn $74 into $7000 by June 1st, and I will. I'm going to post an online diary of my daily account, both good and bad and you'll see how tough it is to be a professional poker player with no health or dental insurance (I finally have health insurance through my employer...yay!). I've already arranged for my employer to give me three workdays per week for the next 6 weeks beginning with this week.

The Plan

From Wednesday - Friday of each week (I'll take Saturday off), I will play 30 tables of sit n gos simultaneously 8 hours a day beginning with $1.20 buy-in sit n go tournaments and working my way up to $11 sit n go tournaments as my bankroll increases. I will mostly focus on 18-seat and 27-seat tournaments on the website. The reason for this is because I did a trial run last week when I practically broke even playing sit n gos trying to figure out the best method for me to go. I finally hit a small profit Saturday by playing a combination of 18 seat, 27 seat, and 45 seat tables as I played 20 tables at a time for 3 hours. After cashing in 6 tournaments, giving away money with dumb moves in 3, and getting eliminated in 1 tournament on a bad beat (I had a pocket aces, and pocket kings drew out on me for a set to eliminate me early --it happens) I won 30% of my tournaments with all my wins coming in the 18 seat and 27 seat tournaments. I did not cash in one 45 seater. Saturday was when I realized that the reason I was breaking even all week is because I was playing too many 45 seat tournaments and cashing in few of them. So I decided to eliminate them altogether, especially with their only being 18 and 27 seat sit n gos available in the bigger buy ins.

The Diagram

As I previously stated, I will play 30 tables of sit n gos simultaneously 8 hours a day beginning with $1.20 buy-in sit n go tournaments and working my way up to $11 sit n go tournaments as my bankroll increases. I will mostly focus on 18-seat and 27-seat tournaments on the website. Here's a shitty "chart" of how I plan to grow my bankroll over a period of time.

Bankroll Sit n Go buy-in

$74.00 = $1.20 sit n gos
$340.00 = $3.40 sit n gos
$550.00 = $5.50 sit n gos
$1100.00 = $11.00 sit n gos until my bankroll is $7,000

Right now my bankroll is $74 (self-imposed) so I'm going to only play $1.20 sit n goes since I have approximately 60 buy-ins. When I move up in buy ins, I want to have 100x the buy-in amount to lessen my chances of going broke --which is why I'm playing $3.40 sit n gos when my bankroll hits $340.00. If I get down 50 buy-ins I will drop down to a cheaper sit n gos to build back up. Of course, I feel comfortable enough to play at only 60 buy-ins in the $1.20 tournaments because of the amount of bad players at that level. I will play no higher than $11 sit n gos once my bankroll is $1100, and I'll play at that level until my bankroll reaches $7000. I estimate that in playing 30 tables at a time all day that I will play 180 sit n gos a day. Yup, I'm hustlin!


Three reasons:

1) To prove to my doubters that I was a professional poker player and that I still have the skills to make money. Rashidah Qadirah Horace said that I was nothing more than a "fantasy poker player" who can't sell books on a mutual friend's status update.

2) I was inspired by Boku turning his $100 into $10000 in 15 days. I have so much respect for his feat that I will never try to beat his accomplishment. He shared how he accomplished his near impossible feat and realized that I can do it by multitabling as many as 20 tables at a time. I know I can handle 30 at one time.

3) I want to buy a rental property by September of this year. One young lady tried to insinuate that I'm not the king of my castle because I'm living with my mom in a big ass house in the suburbs taking care of things she needs. If you need details on what I'm referring to just read my blogs from last month. Anyway, even when I buy my building I'm still going to be living with my mom. Sidebar: any woman who marries me will have to be comfortable with living down the street from my mom.

For those of you who are in a cash bind and thinking about doing the same thing I'm doing... DON'T! It takes months - years learning the game of poker through playing to be able to play the game at a profitable level. When I first started playing poker I lost thousands of dollars before I got to the point where I won thousands of dollars. At the same time, I started playing when I was 22 years old too. I'm 29 right now, so do the math. If you wanna start playing poker, deposit $100 online and play $1.20 sit n gos and learn how to play one table at a time. If you're learning anything at all, you should break even after you've played about 1000 sit n gos before you start making money.

And for those who are concerned, yes, I will pay taxes on this money next year.