Monday, March 1, 2010

Swagger 2

So why are we drawn to swagger? Because swagger is attitude of a winner. People admire winners and want to be associated with a winner to the extent that they'll embellish their actual association with them, i.e. "grrl, I was hangin' out with Glenn Gamble all night" when in all actuality we may have just been at the same party and didn't converse at all. The aura of a winner is in his/her swagger. All winners have a certain swagger which is the attitude and confidence that they embody. Remember Michael Jordan? When he stepped on the court, he had a certain swagger that engulfed everyone. He really believed that he owned any court, and more times than not pwned his opponents too. Kobe Bryant has swagger. I don't particularly care for him because his pomposity is disgusting, but I love his take no prisoners attitude. I love the fact that he knows he's good and that it seems like he's unstoppable. Kobe is a winner!

In order to be a winner you have to have swag (short for swagger) and believe that you are the best. You have to believe that you are a winner before anyone else will. Being a winner and not having swagger does not exist, so when the gal you talking to tells you that she doesn't like a conceited man, pay her no mind. Let that go in one ear and out the other because she definitely likes a man with swagger. Just don't be disgusting by talking about how much better you are than anyone else. No, your actions have to say that you're 3 levels above anyone else. Your actions are going to speak for themselves to let these people know that you're the most interesting man in the world. When you have swagger, can't nobody deflate you.

I must admit that when I'm selling I have to work on my swag as a salesperson a lot more than my swag as a poker player, or as fat pretty motherfucker going out on a date with a chick. One thing I gotta keep believing is that people are making a mistake when they don't buy my book so either break bread or play dead.. lol. Swagger is a good thing. Confidence is a good thing. Even arrogance can be a good thing. Look at Donald Trump's overly arrogant self. He's always talking about how handsome he is and how he's so rich. I find him quite amusing and likable despite appearing to be a pompous jackass.

So remember, swag and winning go hand and hand. False modesty is for losers.