Saturday, March 20, 2010

No Obamacare if Health Care Isn't Free For Everyone

I really don't understand why there's such a push for this expensive bill to be passed. For President Obama to claim that this is health care that solves the medical insurance issues in this country is utterly ridiculous at best. You got people in this country blindly supporting this bill when they don't understand what passage of this bill means to everyone's pocketbook. Here's a conversation that transpired on facebook between myself, a friend of a former classmate, and a teacher that used to work at my old private high school Luther South:

Glenn Gamble
The health care bill won't lower health care costs or lower er visits and it doesn't help America. President Obama is full of shit.
Tue at 1:42pm

Feneiker L. Simon McBride
The point of it isn't necessary to lower costs as it is for EVERY American to have coverage.
Tue at 1:56pm

Glenn Gamble
Feneiker, the bill doesn't provide free national health care to everyone in this country. Its pretty much applying auto insurance laws to health care when the number 1 reason so many of us don't have insurance is because we can't afford it. Now Obama's making it against the law not to carry a policy that we can't afford or else we're subject to fines. How does this help anyone besides insurance companies? And any health care bill that doesn't address health care costs is one that is ineffective. The reason that insurance is so high is because medical costs go up every year. Part of that reason is because the majority of people use the ER as their primary care physician --WHY? Because when you go to your primary care physician you have to wait for an appointment, then once he sees you, if something's wrong he refers you to a specialist and that specialist has to see you on an appointment basis. Its a really inefficient system and until you address health care costs, you don't solve the problem of people not being able to afford health insurance and you don't help people by passing this atrocious bill that requires folks to choose between the rent and health insurance.
Tue at 2:04pm

Cheryl Hoth
Glenn -- part of the health care bill addresses the excesses in charges from insurance companies and is designed to make insurance much more affordable. What will ALSO make health care much more affordable is that if everyone has to have insurance, then those of us WITH insurance don't end up paying the health care costs of those of us WITHOUT insurance. It's far more complicated than that, I know, but SOMETHING has to be done and I think President Obama is at least taking steps in the right direction. If the "Party of No" would act and vote their consciences instead of just being resolved to be against ANYTHING from the President, maybe something productive would get accomplished.
Tue at 2:39pm

Feneiker L. Simon McBride
Glenn, look at what Cheryl said and see if her comment doesn't change your mind just a little.
Tue at 2:43pm

Glenn Gamble
What about the excess charges from hospitals from unnecessary MRIs and lab tests that they're known to do and all they do is pass it down to the insurance company which gets passed down to the policy holder. There is nothing that would keep insurers from raising their premiums if this bill passes, and remember they're not subject to anti-collusion regulations, so for instance executives from Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana can actually meet with each other and say "hey, I am going to raise our premiums 30%, I need for you guys to do the same thing. We'll all make sick profits on this!" So while the bill may address the excess charges from insurance companies, that's irrelevant unless the White House works with Congress to repeal the insurers protection from anti-collusion laws that every industry has to abide by. Its also irrelevant when it doesn't address the fact that medical costs are going up and up every year. Do I trust the hospitals to not jack up their charges when everyone has health insurance? No, it'll just get worse.

Feneiker, the answer to your question is no. It only reaffirms my position on this issue. President Obama and Congress would be better served if he were to address the millions of jobs that are shipped overseas, not to mention the insane numbers of foreign workers who come here on work visas to work in the IT field in countries that are on American soil. This is a major reason why people don't have health insurance.. they either don't have jobs or work at a depressed wage thanks to all the jobs being outsourced or contracted to foreign workers working at a fraction of the cost.
Tue at 2:56pm

Feneiker L. Simon McBride
Glenn, your points are well received, but when was the last time someone really looked at healthcare for what it is? When was the last time someone tried to change it. Pres. Obama laid something on the table, they don't like it, he said let's start from scratch and what happened? NOTHING! So now what? What about change? Nobody was tripping when Bush started this senseless war, so now Obama wants to do something for America, it's a problem! It's a no win situation! What do you suggest he do?
Tue at 2:59pm

Glenn Gamble
I already suggested what President Obama should do. Leave the health care issue alone and focus on loopholes that companies use to NOT hire Americans. Former President Bush is another topic for another day. No people are tripping because common sense says that it does not take nearly a trillion dollars to enact a mandate that requires you to purchase health insurance. Those monies are nothing more than horsetrading dollars in an effort to buy enough votes to pass a bill that really stinks. The only way a health care mandate helps America is when every American can walk in any clinic or hospital across america and not have to worry about paying a dime for doctor visits of any kind as the government makes deductions from your paycheck to cover the cost. Otherwise, its a political ploy by President Obama and the democratic party to claim an empty victory in the fight for health care that doesn't solve anything for americans. If this bill passes, health care will still be unaffordable due to the nature of the health care industry. So unless the economy revives to the point where people can find jobs at a fair wage to pay for adequate health insurance there will be no law that can be passed to solve the American people's struggle with accessible health care unless an Universal Health Care mandate is passed where everyone receives free health care. That's the only way health care will be accessible to everyone. Until then, this bill is nothing more than an attempt to pull the wool over people's eyes. So far its been successful with a lot of people and unsuccessful with a lot more people.
Tue at 3:11pm

Feneiker L. Simon McBride
Okay, I understand your side and as convincingly and as concisely as you've debated each argument, I still would like the bill to pass.
Tue at 3:19pm

Cheryl Hoth
There are so many issues he could focus on, and jobs is a big one for sure. But he promised reform in health care and is trying to keep that promise. Nothing's perfect but at least he got something started.
Tue at 4:25pm

Glenn Gamble
What's the use of getting something of this cost and magnitude started if it isn't going to help the very people its intended to help. What good is there passing a mandate to carry health insurance when hourly wages haven't increased in 20 years?

To put it in simple terms the uninsured are telling President Obama "we can't afford to carry health insurance!" His reaction "no problem, I'll push a mandate through congress requiring you to purchase that same health insurance that you cannot afford."

My question is, how does that make sense?
Tue at 5:21pm

Cheryl Hoth
I think you're oversimplifying things.....and listening to the fear-mongers.
Tue at 8:42pm

Glenn Gamble
I'm going on basis of what I know and what I've read and why can't the facts of this bill be simplified? If anyone has listenened to fear-mongers it was Obama and the democratic party. He promised free health care for everyone and backed down.
Tue at 9:10pm

Feneiker L. Simon McBride
Glenn he can make all the promises he wants to. He can't force the House or Senate to automatically go with him.
Tue at 9:16pm

Glenn Gamble
Feneiker, I beg to differ. When Bush wanted to pass the bank bailout act he told Congress that they better get off their ass and pass the bill pronto. Obama and the democrats need to grow a pair.

So yes, with the dems controlling the Congress Obama all he has to do is threaten their chances for reelection in order to get this bill passed. He needs to tell the dems to quit compromising and quit being a bunch of passive wimps.
Tue at 9:29pm

Feneiker L. Simon McBride
You are right, but please explain to me why nearly everything Obama has sent to the Replublicans has to be forced. They don't like anything he sends their way.
Tue at 9:30pm

Glenn Gamble
Obama has sent bad legislation to the republicans, but why are they a factor when the dems control the house and senate. Its because the dems are a bunch of self-serving, unorganized pussies who can't put their need to be liked aside and get laws passed.
Tue at 9:42pm

Feneiker L. Simon McBride
No no no! That is so untrue. He is trying to exercise bipartisanship. Clinton left office with da country in the plus. It took Bush all of 8 yrs to mess everything up. Obama is trying to fix some of it and now it's bad legislation? No it is not! He deserves credit for triyng.
Tue at 9:55pm

Glenn Gamble
Bipartisanship is only good when the other party is cooperating and at least considering the bills before them which the republican party has not for good reason. The stimulus package was a terrible idea and the health care bill started as a good idea until Obama allowed the pussy ass democrats in the senate to water the bill down to the point of uselessness in response to the objections of the republican party, medical professionals and those obnoxious tea party groups. Furthermore, Bush gets unfair blame for the economy. During the Clinton years the IT sector was the boom, but once companies realized they can hire someone from India cheaper, they did exactly that. Industrial jobs didn't see a boom at all during the Clinton era. Also during the Clinton era and Bush era the economy saw growth because people were able to borrow money at a pace they could not afford. For about 15 years this country's GDP growth was because we were robbing Peter to pay Paul and now Peter has come to get his money back.
Tue at 10:57pm

Feneiker L. Simon McBride
Well, Glenn, again you are entitled to your feelings and opinions. I choose not to call the Republicans out of their names, even though the list would be long. I see you are totally against President Obama and what he is trying to do. Would you have preferred McCain and Palin win, regardless if he's scheduled to die soon and she has very little experience in politics? It has truly been a pleasure having this debate with you. I wish you well in all of your endeavors!!
Tue at 11:00pm

Despite the logical arguments I presented, neither Cheryl nor Feneiker could come back with a logical fact in favor of this health care bill. Neither person could tell me one benefit of passing this health care bill, and I was accused of oversimplifying things. Geez, are we expected to be confused whenever our democratic leaders draft legislation for passage? Call me crazy, but I expect to understand any kind of legislation that's going to cost our country $940 billion dollars. We said that the stimulus package needed to be passed, and guess what? IT AN $800 BILLION DOLLAR FAILURE with no oversight!

No the only type of arguments I got were "If the Party of No would act and vote on their conscious" or "I see you are totally against President Obama and what he is trying to do. Would you have preferred McCain and Palin win, regardless if he's scheduled to die soon and she has very little experience in politics?" I told them several reasons why this bill stinks with one of them being that if this bill were to pass you'd have to choose between paying your health insurance premium --which you can't afford that's why you're uninsured in the first place-- and paying your rent or car note. Its common fucking sense that this bill fucking stinks and all Feineker could say was "I want the bill to pass anyway?" Fuck! These are the people holding our politicians accountable, no wonder our politics are so fucked up.

President Obama promised free universal health care for every United States citizen THIS BILL DOESN'T PROVIDE THAT!

After resistance from the Tea Party folks, Republicans, and doctors; Obama bitched out and proposed a public option.

After resistance from the Republican Party and the Tea Party folks, the democratic party bitched out and removed the public option. President Obama failed to demand neither free universal health care nor the public option.

Twice President Obama and the Democratic Party has bitched out and shown extremely, unusual bitchassness from a party that holds the majority in the house, senate, and has a democrat president in the white house. President Obama and the democrat's inability to pass universal health care with their party holding the majority shows me that the democrats and President Obama are legislators who are unfit to lead.

As a result of the democrats' spinelessness, --President Obama included-- we now have a bill with neither free universal health care nor a public option and President Obama's trying to convince the public that he's winning the health care battle. WHERE'S THE FUCKING HEALTH CARE?

I hate to say it, but I voted for President Obama despite being a black republican with big balls and a big dick because I thought Barack Obama was one of the few politicians who transcended party lines and would become one of the great presidents in American history. Not to mention that John McCain has the worst temper and Sarah Palin was in over her head. I regret that decision and I hope the democrats lose all their seats in this upcoming election.

Speaking of which, President Obama's efforts to pass this bill is no longer about affordable and accessible health care to the public. Its about his fellow democrats winning reelections. If this bill doesn't pass, he knows damn well that the majority of the democrats in the house and senate will not be reelected resulting in Republican majorities in both the house and senate. Was bipartisanship a good idea at first? Of course it was, but when he saw that nothing was getting passed, he should have moved away from it and rammed the free universal health care bill through the house and senate, but that would have taken balls and apparently Jesse Jackson Sr. has finally gotten around to cutting them off and tossing them into Lake Michigan.

I want no parts of Obamacare if health care isn't free for every citizen in the United States rich or poor. Otherwise this bill really isn't about affordable health care for millions of people and more about being able to say "I'm the first president to pass a landmark health care bill. We did not lose the health care battle." However, I'm more afraid that we as Americans will lose if this bill passes the house and senate.