Monday, March 15, 2010

Ma, I'm So Proud of You! --New Beginnings

In a recent post I had mentioned that my mom's health had declined to the point where she voluntarily went to the doctor who then referred her to a specialist who referred her to another specialist, then a series of lab work being done on her to find out what's wrong with her. Needless to say, her feeling like shit this time has led her to explore some extreme dietary changes that she's explored on her own. Save for a few questions that she had for me since I spent 6 months as a vegetarian a few years ago, she really went out and changed her lifestyle. First it began with her going to the juice bar on the way to getting her lab work done since she couldn't eat much of anything.

She realized that the juice was pretty good and after being told that she can't eat anything high in sodium or high in carbs (I think the carb restriction is fucking stupid) she dove head first in cutting all the fried chicken wings and the restaurant food out her diet. She told me that I was going to do this with her as a joke. Ma figured that there was no way I'd go along with this, but it turns out that this was the push that I needed. Her starting to lose her eyesight, I'm willing to do anything to keep her on the healthy path that she decided for herself and save her eyesight. By the way, she suffers from high-blood pressure which has caused her to lose some of her vision which can be corrected through a healthy diet. In her monitoring her blood pressure, and making changes I found out that I too have hypertension at 29 years old! Un-fucking-believable! I'm too young for this shit I thought. Then I looked at my big ass belly and realized that while I am a fat pretty motherfucker, its time for a change. So I told my mom that I will dedicate myself to a lifestyle change alongside her since it will help her and help me too.

A week and a half later and $20 a day being spent on vegetable juices at Sunrise and Heritage Health Foods my mom bought a juice extractor for $99 from Sunrise and I ain't talkin' bout that punk ass Jack La Lanne bullshit that you have to have a toolkit to take apart and wash its millions of fucking pieces. To my surprise, this is a very high quality juice extractor. We made some very good fruit and vegetable juices this evening too and we both have decided that we're going to consume at least 4 juices per day to make sure that we get all the fruits and veggies that we need in our diet. We're both inspired by Montel William's story where he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about 15 years ago and he was looking like shit back then. Now the man is walking around looking like he's hasn't aged since he's turned 35. I decided to go back to vegetarianism and my mom is going to join me too. So far, we both feel better and we've both said yes to a healthier lifestyle. It feels easy too because the fruit and vegetable juices are so filling that I really don't crave Applebee's or Harold's Chicken anymore. On top of that, I'm drinking three 16oz glasses of water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed in so I'm pretty full most times and I find it difficult to fit in a small meal or two every day. So vegetarianism here I come. I say yes to life!