Monday, March 8, 2010

Indefinite LOA

The 60 Minutes with Glenn 2010 season debut has been postponed indefinitely. My circumstances have changed and my priorities have also changed. Right now I'm in the process of adjusting to the changes that I'm making in my lifestyle and being there for mom. Its not that I haven't been there for her before, for my mom and I are very close. I'm realizing that its my time to take more responsibility in our family than ever before because everyone's leaning on me and depending on me to take care of my mom. I never thought that I'd have to make choices where I'd have to sacrifice my selfish desires for the greater good of our family. My mom is going to be fine. She's making all the necessary lifestyle changes that she needs to make and I'm doing the same with her. What this means is that I won't be selling books in person anymore and that I have to pick up a new side hustle that allows me to be at home more often.

A Thousand Chances suffers, so what! Things happen so all of a sudden in life that you have to make adjustments. That's not to say that I'll never turn ATC into a best-seller, but its not a number 1 priority for me right now. I really don't know how I'm going to promote the book or 60 Minutes with Glenn as I look ahead into the near future, but I'm still going to accomplish my goal of buying a 2 flat building by September. I'll post more details on how and why in subsequent blog posts. Heck, I might even post an online diary not that this blog isn't one, but if you were to see it you'd know why.