Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm a Black Republican with Big Balls and a Big Dick

I don't vote a straight ticket here in Chicago. The Democrats are self-aggrandizing bullshitters with an operational theory of "tax, overspend, then raise taxes on the same people who elected us; we'll just tell them that its for education. The dumb fucks who vote us in will never know any different." The Republicans in the state of Illinois are desperate, sycophants who have long abandoned fiscal conservatism and are desperate to get back in power. Wait! That sounds like Congress.. without the confederate flags and hillbillies that make up the Republican base. Not that the Democrats are any better. They're some racist fucks too who use words as urban, underprivileged, and disadvantaged as euphemisms for niggers. The difference is that they're more covert and underhanded with their racism. That's just the way liberals are.. utterly disgusting! I don't fucking like them because they don't have the balls to speak to you directly.

I don't like very many Republicans either because they won't get off their ass and come up with effective, counter legislation that will help the people in this country who desperately need it. After all, those rich donors don't make up half their political base despite the attempts to cover up the fact that many of their voters live in trailer parks and eat roadkill. The Democrats are fucking up Congress and President Barack Obama is fucking up the White House and the best our Republican politicians can come up with are accusations and "you're a liar" outbursts to name a few blatant forms of disrespect for our president. The Republicans who are in office right now are a disgrace and a disservice to this country. No wonder George Washington believed that this country should engage in a bloody revolution every 30 years. We all have gotten complacent and allowed our government to morph into a group of elected officials who do not serve us! This shit has got to stop.

I consider myself a black republican with big balls and a big dick because I stand for the core values of fiscal conservatism that have proven effective time after time throughout our great history. Look at the state of Texas, they have plenty of jobs during the worst recession of our time. Illinois on the other hand can't create a job to save their lives. See I believe in not taxing the shit out of the very same wealthy people who provide jobs to the working class and the poor. I believe in creating an environment where regular folks like you and I can become wealthy if we work hard enough. I like money, I like big titty women, football, and apple pie damn it; and yeah, I got big balls and a big dick too. I don't want to drive no fucking smart car, or pay astronomical taxes just to put this country in deeper shit than it already is. Cut taxes for the wealthy so they can hire all the people who are complaining about the lack of jobs. The less they pay in taxes the more workers they can hire. Don't believe me, ask any business owner who's making real money and wants to expand, but can't because of taxes. If Illinois wants to get out of its budget crisis they have no other choice than to eliminate the state income tax. You do that, you have more taxpayers in this state because more people have jobs because business owners will not have to pay the state of Illinois several months of payroll taxes in advance.

Now you all see why I'm a Black Republican with Big Balls and a Big Dick!