Sunday, March 21, 2010

Black People's 10 Commandments

For those of you who are not black, let me break down Black People's 10 Commandments so you won't risk personal harm or injury if you break them. Break the BPTCs and you might be limping into St. Benard Hospital if you're lucky!

1. Thou shall vote straight ticket democrat or else you ra-ciss.

2.Thou shalt not criticize them for listening to minstrel show rap music, that's ra-ciss.

3. Thou shall feel sympathy for black women who have aquired multiple children from multiple baby fathers, or else you ra-ciss.

4. Thou shall provide welfare so they can consume fried chicken and beer, or else you raciss.

5. Thou shalt not criticize, mock or poke fun at black people for eating fried chicken and beer for that's ra-ciss.

6. Thou shall make tons of excuses for black people's collective failure when it comes to high school dropout rates, teen pregnancy, and welfare dependency, or else you have no compassion and you ra-ciss.

7. Thou shalt never call the police for selling drugs in front of your house because that's ra-ciss.

8. Thou shall place blame on ra-cissism for their mile long rap sheets because they should never be prosecuted for the 100s of robberies they pulled, that's ra-ciss.

9. Thou shall blame the system for failure of the many bum ass, lazy ass black people. Why? Because the system ra-ciss.

10. Thou shalt not criticize Barack Obama EVER, because that's for uncle toms and ra-cisss!