Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ABCs of being an Author/ Entrepreneur

I was inspired to create my version of the ABC's after reading Megan's blog account of what was stressed at the Business of Baseball Workshop Check out her link and you'll see that mine and hers are very similar with a few adjustments made for the book business (Its too bad that she has ended her blog recently).

-A is for attitude.
-B is for book business.
-C is for crying: There’s no crying in book selling!; Also, Creativity.
-D is for diginity: Leave it at the door! Because there's rejection in selling.
-E is for effort: Show up ready to work!
-F is for focus.
-G is for great service; generousity; gratitude.
-H is for hours: Be prepared to work A LOT of hours!
-I is for intense.
-J is for just do it!
-K is for Kool-Aid: Just drink it!
-L is for loyalty.
-M is for mailing address.
-N is for never comment on the weather or not getting enough sales.
-O is for overtime.
-P is for passion.
-Q is for quitters --most unoptimistic people are quitters.
-R is for rain.
-S is for sales, selling the brand, selling you.
-T is for taxi.
-U is for utility.
-V is for vacation.
-W is for wallet.
-X is for x-cellence.
-Y is for YouTube.
-Z is for zealous.

Also remember this when you chasing your dreams, pitching your ideas, pitching your products, pursuing sales, etc.:

“I do not expect success all the time, but due to the belief in my gifts and God given abilities in addition to my knowledge and acquired skills; I can be fearless in the moment. In reality, self-worth has nothing to do with the outcome. So when the pressure comes, I cannot hesitate. Knowing sometimes I will do well and sometimes I won’t, regardless, I know failure is temporary and success will happen with perseverance.”

There's a lot of things that I can't control in life (women, weather, circumstances, making sales, etc.), but if I focus on what I can control then I'll be successful. Things I can control as an Author/Entrepreneur:

1) The number of hours per day that I dedicate to talking to new people about my book
2) The number of people that I talk to about my book
3) My effort
4) My appearance
5) My being organized

If I do those five things, good things will happen despite slow sales periods, rude people, pessimists, and bad weather.