Wednesday, March 3, 2010

60 Minutes with Glenn 2010 Season Debut

I have been very inconsistent with the broadcast of 60 Minutes with Glenn because 1) I'm juggling my work/school/book selling schedule; and 2) I have been terribly inconsistent with putting out this show. Now that I have some rhyme and reason to my schedule; and 3) I've focused more on these broken relationships with my most recent two women (not at the same time) than I have on my show and even my book. Now that they're both gone out of my life I have nothing to show for it beyond wasted time. I'm pretty mad with myself about letting my personal life affect my show and my book, and now its just time for me to get out here and grind and leave my personal life at home. I got books to sell, a 60 Minutes with Glenn Broadtexter Mobile Club to grow, and a radio show to do with Mz. Biz.

Speaking of which, the 60 Minutes with Glenn 2010 season debut will be March 9, 2010 at 7:00 pm CST. You can listen live on the internet at or if you're not at a computer you can listen to my show on on your phone at (646)716-8736.