Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Work, School, and Being Sick

Coming to work sick really sucks. I got this head cold that's affecting my job performance and I really don't feel like being here. However, I'm working a project that doesn't afford me the option of taking too many sick days. I'm really hoping to get well by Thursday so I can sell these books and have money for this weekend.

Now I see why my GPA in school always sucked ass during the spring semester. One, its long as fuck compared with the fall semester. Secondly, most of it is in t the middle of winter. Third, I always seem to get sick when I need to be doing some studying, reading or homework assignments. So far I've managed to tough it out and complete my necessary assignments, but I really need to get well.

Oh and the weather in Chicago sucks, but its still the best city in the world!

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