Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why Did I Write My Book?

I was asked this question recently by an aspiring author. She wanted to know how I got started and how I got my book out, what's my writing career like, and all the other questions that she could think of at that time. The first paragraph I copied and pasted from our email to share with you, then the rest of the blog will expound upon that paragraph. I didn't post everything I said to her because some things were just meant for her.

I personally wrote my first book to get over the ultimate failure of being a professional gambler and the subsequent failure at normal things such as working a steady job, connecting with women, and not being where I wanna be in life. I was previously working with an author from Florida who kept telling me I should write a book, and I told her she was crazy. Then she started writing this book where the main character had a lot of my more flamboyant characteristics. After consulting with her on how the character should be, I ended up co-writing the book. Its entitled Ex-Boyfriend, and its available on if you want to check it out for yourself. Unfortunately, Teresa and I fell out during the pre-production process, but that experience gave me the confidence to write a book and that's when I discovered that I had a story to tell, so I wrote a fictional story loosely based on a few things that happened in my life (some events are totally false). At the time, I didn't know how I was going to get the book out, but I knew that I didn't want to wait for a booking agent to convince a publisher to pick me up, so I decided to self-publish and the rest has been history.

I didn't decide to write a book to attain riches. In fact, writing a book strictly for the money is the worst reason to write a book. Believe me, if money is your motivation, you'll be wishing that you hadn't spent your free time writing that damn book after all the obstacles, ridicule, and rejection you'll encounter in getting your work out there. You simply won't have the energy or persistence to not give up on your book and not sell as many books as you can sell. Leave the "I wrote for the money" books to the celebrities with enough star power and name recognition to sell 100,000 books --they'll just hire a ghostwriter anyway.

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