Friday, February 26, 2010


I've been told by many people that humility is always best, but I disagree with that sentiment. Humility is good to be used at times, but being humble is not attractive. Think about the celebrities that we're most intrigued by. They all have this cocky swagger like "pay attention to me bitch, I'm interesting, I'm talented, I'm cold and you like me." I find that the people who dislike them are people who are lacking in their self-confidence, and those individuals aren't turned off by every instance of cockiness and arrogance. For instance, I know a woman who can't stand Beyonce (although I think she's more humble than people give her credit for), but she loves Wendy Williams arrogant, flamboyantly ghetto ass. I personally don't like the man cow, but I love Mariah Carey and she's as arrogant as they get.

I'll use the world of professional sports to illustrate my examples. I can't stand Kobe Bryant's arrogance (I love his ruthlessness though), but I love Chad Ochocinco and I don't think there's a more arrogant or cocky athlete on earth than Ochocinco. I saw him on ESPN with Darrelle Revis today and he thinks that he's the best at everything. The interviewer ran down a laundry list of things and asked both athletes who would win between the two, and Chad Ochocinco did not have enough humility to concede anything to Revis.. even football and Reavis shut him down! Why am I drawn to Chad Ochocinco? Because he has this swagger that makes him interesting. Why do you like your celebrities? Because they have swagger. What separates one salesperson from another? Yep, swagger! You cannot earn the respect of anyone without swagger. Name one humble celebrity that is exciting and keeps you interested? Don't worry.. I'll wait!