Saturday, February 13, 2010

John Mayer Playboy Interview -- My Thoughts

I will not give a play by play of John Mayer's comments. Instead you can click the following link to read the interview transcript before reading the rest of the blog John Mayer Playboy Interview.

I'm not going to break down the interview, perhaps it has something to do with my eyes being tired and the nagging headache that I have from a combination of my head cold and taking too much of that liquid crack that puts me to sleep and makes me really drowsy. I'm just going to say that John Mayer has the right to say that he does not prefer black women. I didn't appreciate his reference to a hood pass really being a nigger pass, and the words he used to describe his repulsion for black women were utterly horrible. I read this interview, it was hard to follow because he tends to ramble and he had to have snorted a few lines of coke, but his rubbing it in by saying "I've never been to a restaurant and been told we're full" was over the top.

At first I joked with friends and facebookers that black women are just mad because many of them have a secret fantasy of some rich white guy coming into their neighborhood and rescuing them from their slum/boyfriend/ex-boyfriend/poverty/single lifestyle/etc. and moving her into his Lincolnwood or Barrington, IL home and marrying her --oh yeah, this rich white guy looks like dude off New Moon. After finally reading the interview transcript, it is clear as day that not only does he believe that he as a white man is superior to black women and black people in general, he mocks us by saying "I've never been to a restaurant and been told we're full" right after saying that black people love him.

Then he goes on into talking about how much of a douche bag he is. How fitting?

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