Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Black Media Outlets and Publications Need to Do Better

I follow Rolling Out on Twitter and I used to get their newspapers from Harold's Chicken on 87th & Dan Ryan on a weekly basis. Of course that was 10-12 years ago, I still had a high top fade, and DMX was going platinum. Now that I'm an adult, I only check their website occasionally because quite frankly entertainment news don't excite me as much anymore. This past weekend was no different as I saw a tweet of their most recent article "Pants on the Ground" so I read it, and you can check out this op-ed piece by clicking the link I just posted. Its a short article, so read it, then come back to this point in my blog and continue reading.

The "Pants on the Ground" article is one of many articles that sheds light not only on the horrible sagging pants style. More importantly it shows that our Black Media need to do a better job of feeding us relevant information or stay in its lane and continue covering monotonous entertainment news that its fan base can't seem to get enough of. I dislike the sagging pants style as much as anyone, but there are more important issues that should be covered and written up for young people that they can take something from and utilize --especially for those young men with the sagging pants. For instance, the black unemployment rate has always been double that of the nation's unemployment rate in a good economy, and that's only counting those who collect unemployment and are actively looking for a job. As we know, there are a huge number of blacks that haven't been counted and who are not currently looking for work and never intend to do so --IN A GOOD ECONOMY! Why aren't there very many write-ups on finding jobs, networking, trade programs, etc.?

Its because the black public like sensationalist news. We like all those tv shows, radio shows, articles where there's gossip and room for us to tell someone else what they need to be doing without anyone scrutinizing their living situations. "Pull dem pants up!" "Hell yeah, I can't stand men with them saggy pants! Grrrl, let me tell you bout this clown who tried to holla at me in them saggin pants!" Yep we like all that clown shit because it sheds no light on our own problems and therefore we never come to any realistic solutions. I would have liked to have seen Rolling Out write an article to challenge the Obama administration to take a hard stance on essential Civil Rights in this country. I would like for Rolling out and other black publications to call for our legislators to stop deficit spending and open those govt agency jobs to the public. I'd like for our journalists to challenge our people and ask why we are never seen fighting for jobs, but we can fight each other at the welfare office and the food pantry.

Moving forward in this great country of ours we need to keep our focus on jobs and minority contracts or we'll be in poverty worse than during the Jim Crow era. Black media outlets know better and should do better and I call for them to stop pushing forward useless, nonsensical news and give us useful, meaty information that will ignite a positive movement amongst us.. like the Chicago Defender during the first Great Migration. Rolling Out #FAIL