Wednesday, February 3, 2010

$9.99 Books Be Damned!

This is the first (and probably last) time I ever agreed with anything Rupert Murdoch has ever done. Check out the latest in Next threat to Amazon's $9.99 books? Rupert Murdoch - Yahoo! News Rupert went on record to saying that Amazon's $9.99 ebook model really devalues hard cover books. I'll take it a step further, it devalues ALL books. I know that is pricing these ebooks at a loss to push the sales of those $299 Kindles. One of the main attractions of the Kindle is the availability of cheap ebooks. I'm personally not a fan of ebooks because 1) they only make up 1% of the book market and 2) people prefer books they can curl up to and read. However, if successful in renegotiation, this will stop Amazon from pricing teeny, tiny publishers like myself out the market. At $10 per book, I barely make enough to reprint at the ridiculous prices of these book printers. Futhermore, I have an even bigger issue with $5.99 - $7.99 mass market paperbacks. Its one thing if its a clearance bin sale, but a small fry like myself cannot afford to print and store the huge quantities necessary to make a profit at such a low price point. Kudos to Rupert!