Friday, January 22, 2010

Oil Changes and Lunch Dates

I didn't get the oil changed in my blue beauty in a while and I was gonna wait a few more weeks, but my car didn't want to wait. This morning my sensor went off and it reads "oil change soon." The thing scared the hell out of me. I'm not used to these newer cars where they have a tire pressure gauge and gives you notifications when you need to change the oil. Ironically, in another menu, it'll tell you how much oil life you have left. I'm at 3% right now and as a result, I'll be in the car dealership tomorrow afternoon. FUCK! I had a really important lunch date at the same time. I hope she'll understand and we can make arrangements sooner than later. Now why do I have to miss a date over an oil change. Well, my car dealership doesn't take walk-ins in the service department. Yes, I actually have to make and appointment to get my car serviced. Its 1:00 pm tomorrow afternoon this has to absolutely be my favorite way to spend my Saturday.. waiting in the service department for my oil change for way too long, but hey, its free since President Obama discontinued the Pontiac brand. Next election, I will vote republican!