Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 30th is just Another Day

I keep getting asked, "Glenn what are you going to do to celebrate your 21st birthday?" My answer, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Nada, zero, zilch! My 21st birthday (wink) will fall on Saturday, January 30th which is just another day to me. I feel as if I have nothing to celebrate until I'm a best-selling author who's making at least $100,000 per year. Yes, I'm glad that my mother and father decided to have sex 9 months earlier which resulted in the birth of my handsome self. So after my mother said to the doctor, "this is the prettiest baby that has ever been born" and the doctor agreed and after the other newborns started hitting on me, promising me their mothers' breast milk after I give em a free pacifier; January 30th just lost its significance to me. I mean, I know I've grown to be a fat, pretty motherfucker in my adulthood, but that's no reason to block out the day to celebrate.

But I absolutely love birthday gifts! Just send them to:

Glenn Gamble
P.O. Box 964
Richton Park, IL 60471