Sunday, January 3, 2010

College Bowl Games --An Anomaly That's Predictable at Best!

I haven't come armed with statistics to back the claims that I'm making, but I cannot move myself to get excited about college football bowl games. They're fucking retarded. Depending on how tough your conference is, you can get in a bowl game if you have a mediocre .500 record and a losing conference record. There is no clear national champion, and no playoff, so we're only relying on polls to anoint a champion. The college system is pretty much like those youth athletic competitions where "everyone's a winner" and no matter how badly you lose, everyone receives a ribbon.

What makes this an anomaly in my mind is that I support the bowl system despite the "everyone's a winner" ideal, because it makes the schools a ton of money. In fact, I'd like to see even more bowl games created for middle and bottom of the barrel conference schools too. With that being said, we need an incorporation of an eight team playoff AND the bowl games, an idea that I pilfered from UCLA head football coach Rick Neuheisel. In fact, you could designate the four bowl games as the sites for each respective playoff game to be played: The Sugar Bowl, The Rose Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl and the Orange Bowl. The winners of their respective bowls receive big ass trophies and still get to advance to another bowl, while the losers of these bowl games/playoffs can advance to a neutral site to play the remaining games.

For the schools who win their weak ass conferences with 8-4 records, only to be eaten alive by mediocre SEC schools with losing conference records, reward them with a bowl game too (sidebar: yes I'm loosely referring to Northwestern who really got the tar beaten out of them by Auburn until they let them back in the game; forget the score Auburn dominated them with their 3-5 conference record). That way, you can keep the bowl games and reward other college teams for having good - mediocre seasons, and those respective universities can make millions of dollars off the bowl games. The fans have embraced the "everyone's a winner" system and as a result, the respective teams sell a ton of merchandise and sell out stadiums. While I may shake my head at a system where half the teams can go to a bowl game and 1/4th actually win championship trophies, you cannot eliminate this system or else college football is over! Keep the bowl games, but add a playoff, and you'll finally get to see that TCU, Boise St, and Cincinnati aren't as good as analysts have said. Sure they deserve a shot at a national title, but judging from the way Florida smashed Cincinnati last night, you know damn well that Florida, Texas, and Alabama would destroy those teams by at least 21 points. Its finally time to show the rest of the country that those top three teams are in a class of its own while maintaining the bowl games.

Why is Florida's 13-1 record a lot more impressive than Boise state's 13-0 record or TCU's 12-0 record? Its because they play in the toughest football conference in the country, the SEC. The other two teams play in cupcake conferences and while they're well coached and well disciplined, they would get clobbered by Clemson, let alone by elite teams such as Florida, Texas or Alabama. That's why Auburn dominated Northwestern for most of the game in the Outback Bowl --until the last quarter when they decided to make it interesting and let them come back from 14 pts down in less than 5 minutes. Even then Northwestern was lucky for they weren't as fast or as skilled as Auburn with their deceiving 7-5 record (3-5 in conference). Those 3 wins in the SEC were more impressive than any of Northwestern's 5 conference wins in the weak ass Big Ten conference. This illustrated that if you match any team up with a team out the SEC that the SEC team is going to win that bowl 75% of the time. The only two conferences that come close to the SEC are the Pac-10 and the Big 12 and the SEC is still heads and shoulders above those conferences. So congratulations to you if your funky ass state school made it to a bowl, but don't be surprised if/when the SEC conference team with the mediocre 6-6 record beats your team by 21 points because they've played better competition such as Alabama and Florida AND played them tough.