Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a Birthday!

Just as I promised last week, I didn't do anything for my birthday, but I enjoyed my birthday. My mom got me a chocolate cake and a caramel cake and two boxes of Popeye's chicken. Now I can't move after eating leftovers and pretty much polishing off my chocolate yellow cake between yesterday and today. I thank everyone on facebook for the birthday wishes and I thank you my readers for the cards and gifts I received.

For those of you who forgot my birthday, hey I'm a forgiving guy! You can still send me a birthday card and/or gift to the following address:

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Next up on my agenda.. throwing a party sometime toward the end of February or early March. Keep coming to for details.

Friday, January 29, 2010

With Friends Like These.. Who Needs Enemies?

Yesterday morning I get the following status update from the Chicago Defender:

Chicago Defender Newspaper: feels that in order to keep building upon that (Nov. 2008 electoral) success, we have to have a friend in the governor's mansion in Springfield. We believe the person is incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn.

Of course I'm piping hot about this so I made the following comment:

Glenn Gamble: Chicago Defender needs to wake the fuck up and stop saying yes massa! Endorsing a candidate who wants to raise taxes 50%. No wonder the Defender has gone to the shitter.

Surprisingly Lou Ransom, editor of the Chicago Defender had this to say after I, along with other facebookers made our comments against this ridiculous endorsement:

Lou Ransom: Illinois has a $11 billion deficit. If there isn't any new revenue, how will that deficit be closed? You can't lay off $11 billion worth of state workers. You can't cut $11 billion and have the same services. Both Quinn AND Hynes have proposed an income tax (Hynes wants his to be graduated). You don't want them to raise taxes, what get cut -- ... See Moreeducation, health care, infrastructure?

These are the people running for governor. You will have a governor whether or not you like the choices. Find someone you like and vote for them. If you don't like Quinn because he's Irish, or because he slept on Blago, or because you believe that Harold Washington thought he was incompetent 22 years ago, punch someone else's number.

There goes my chances for a feature article in the Chicago Defender where I talk about my book. Yep, those chances are in the shitter now. Of course, another "old black democrat" came to the defense of the Defender's endorsement and supported Lou Ransom's comment.

Lou, Thanks for being sensible! Some people(Isiah, Lorenzo and Glenn) like to pontificate while they regurgitate!

Of course, I whip out my facebook mobile and ask this logical question:

Glenn Gamble: Algernon, do you think that voting for the same people who ran up this $18 BB deficit is the most sensible solution?

Of course good ol' Al had this to say:

Algernon H. Penn: It's $11BB, not $18BB. Glenn the question is how do you fix the problem? There has to be a tax increase.Cut where you can. But cuts alone won't cure the problem. There is no ther way. Hynes was the controller and said nothing when Blago was Governor. We needed a FAIR tax hike years ago. The wealthy has to pay their fair share. This is not Quinn's fault. If Blago was still Governor, we would be talking about the same thing. But, if you think things can't get any worse without a tax hike, then vote for one of the Republican's who will promise the moon and them some. Lorenzo the ballot is full of candidates to choose from whether you like them or not. So pick whoever you like. You sound like a complainer not a doer.

So vote democrat, after all they won't promise the moon like the republicans. I gotta hop on the bandwagon because I'm black and blacks love to automatically vote democrat.. the party of LOWER expectations. Of course I had this to say to Al.

Glenn Gamble: The deficit shouldn't have reached 11 billion in the first place. It didn't get there due to low taxes, it got there due to mismanagement of the budget by the same politicians who have promised the moon to blacks and delivered quick sand. So no, I do not favor a candidate who's going to mismanage the budget. I favor a candidate who can actually count and not spend more than the state has. What's the use of approving a tax increase when they're going to overspend into another deficit. And for those of you who say a 50 percent increase in income taxes is necessary, then how come states such as Oregon who don't collect state income taxes are in so much better financial shape than Illinois? They balance their budgets without taxing pe0ple's income. The problem with the idea of 'oh, we're going to tax the wealthy' is that the wealthy are more mobile than regular people. They'll move to a state with lower taxes leaving regular people holding the bag. This is how the democrats raise taxes on everyone!

Faithful Al just gave me the political answer:

Algernon H. Penn: Ok Glenn Your Turn! :-) You are correct that no public offical deserves not to be criticized for not balancing their budgets without cause. And yes, there are times where it is necessary for that to happen. However you are generally right. But as for Illinois budget problems, it's the Dems who are in control. It's partly their fault (and Blago's), partly the economy. The economy has placed a serious drain on human services and those services are critically needed now more than ever. Services such as unemployment benefits, food stamps, health care for those who can least afford them. But when Blago gives a no new tax increase pledge, he's blowing smoke. As for the state of Oregon goes, I have no knowledge of what their taxing bodies are. They have a lot less people. So the questions are what do they tax and how much? Do they have a sales tax? Do they have a sin tax? (Cigaretts and Alcohol? How do they fund their schools? What drives their economy,etc. You have to a full comparison to say how they do it better. In response to a tax increase, the wealthy should pay their fair share. Everyone won't move out of state. Some will. But the wealthy should pay more. The middle class and the working poor pays disproportionally more. But you can only cut services and certain categories only so far before people get hurt. You have no other choice but to raise taxes. Give Quinn some slack for at least being honest with people that this had to be done.

We'll talk about Oregon later. Look! Lou Ransom followed with this:

Lou Ransom: The bottom line is that until someone comes up with a plan to get better candidates, we are stuck with the ones we have. If there were a viable Black candidate, with a viable way of funding his campaign, they would get my vote. But this year, in this governor's race, there is none.

If you are fed up with the politicians we have, it is incumbent upon you to find... and fund... new ones. You can't just walk away from the ballot box, because that doesn't bring you anything either. If you think Todd is lousy at his job, there are two other candidates, and we can debate whether or not they will do a better job. Frankly, with Todd in charge of the county, Tim Evans in charge of the courts, Dorothy as the Clerk of Courts and Toni Preckwinkle and her cohorts on council, we have considerable political heft in the county. Instead of them ripping at each other, it might be more advantageous for them to work together on an agenda ... an agenda that we can all work on.

You don't like Todd following his father? Neither do I, but he actually won an election. No one else won that election, he did. He was not appointed to the position, he got the majority of votes. White folks will tell you that he's a failure, but it is Daley implementing furloughs and it is the state with an $11 billion deficit. In that company, Todd looks pretty good.

Okay Lou and Al, we never said that it was all about getting a black candidate in there that's going to support our agenda. I want A CANDIDATE regardless of race that's going work for the people, not tax the shit out of us. Citing that Oregon being a much smaller state than Illinois is no reason that we can't run a state without state income taxes. WE CAN, because they can. The amount of taxes that Illinoisans are subjected to are utterly ridiculous. Homeowners have to pay property taxes, sales tax, extra taxes for candy and liquor, then an income tax on top of that; come on! When will Illinoisans say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

Back to Al's previous statement:

In response to a tax increase, the wealthy should pay their fair share. Everyone won't move out of state. Some will. But the wealthy should pay more. The middle class and the working poor pays disproportionally more. But you can only cut services and certain categories only so far before people get hurt. You have no other choice but to raise taxes.

If the middle class and the working poor pay disproportionately more taxes, then explain this graphic:

Let's put the myth to rest that taxing the wealthy at a higher rate will generate enough money to close the $11 billion dollar budget gap. IT DOESN'T WORK! Let's say that the top 1% of people who control 42% of the wealth remains constant in the state of Illinois. That means out of 13 million people in this great state 130,000 people who should pay more taxes. Let's say they all make $1 million a year and they all pay 37% of their income in federal taxes, now they're left with a net income of $630,000 without deducting state taxes. How much of that money do you tax? If its consistent with the amount that's taken out of my paycheck then 3 percent of their income is currently being taken out of their income. Three percent of 1 million dollars is $30,000. So now their net income is $600,000 in the state of Illinois. For those of you who are making $50,000 per year (avg. salary in this country is $30,000), how would you like to live in the state of Illinois if you knew that almost half your income was going towards paying taxes? YOU WOULDN'T! The same goes for the rich in the state of Illinois. They're already paying 40% of their income in TAXES. This doesn't include property taxes, and other taxes within their municipality or village such as city stickers, permits, etc.

So imagine yourself making 1 million dollars a year, and the state is proposing a 50% tax increase, where you're now paying $45,000 in taxes instead of $30,000. Would you happily pay an extra $15,000? OF COURSE NOT! That's a lot of money whether you make $50,000 or $1 million. Of course you'd pay your taxes, but you wouldn't be happy. By the way, Gov. Quinn's proposed tax increase is going to be 50% for everyone regardless of whether or not you're rich or poor in the state of Illinois. How is this man a friend to us in the governor's mansion?

Now I know that I threw a lot of numbers at you, but let's look at Al's theory that the wealthy should pay more taxes. Okay, let's propose a 100% increase for the wealthy and not increase taxes on the middle class and the working poor. Instead of paying $30,000 in state income taxes, they now pay $60,000. Since the state is already collecting $30,000 a year at its current tax rate, you can't count that as extra revenue, you have to count the amount of the increase which is $30,000. Remember that its 130,000 wealthy people who would be considered the top 1% in this country.

So tax increase on 130,000 people x $30,000 = $3.9 billion dollars in extra revenue generated. Now we'll apply that $3.9 BB to the $11 BB deficit

$3.9 BB + -$11 BB = -$7.1 deficit

And this is if NO ONE moves out of state.

In order to balance the budget through the "tax the wealthy at a higher rate" theory you will have to raise taxes on them by 300% which comes out to about $90,000. If everyone making a million dollars is paying $370,000 in federal taxes and $90,000 in state income taxes, the total amount they would pay as a resident of Illinois is $460,000, which brings their total income to $540,000. Sure its a lot of money, but NO ONE wants to lose 50% of their income to taxes. All of a sudden, states such as Texas, Florida, and Oregon start looking more attractive and they'll save $90,000. So yes, the budget will be balanced ONLY IF these wealthy individuals don't move out of state. If 10% move, then the budget won't be budgeted. Once half of this wealthy tax base moves out, guess who's left to pay for the shortfall? Yep, you the middle class and/or the working poor.

For those of you who still believe that the middle class and the poor pay disproportionately more in taxes need to read this article:

With that being said the Chicago Defender just couldn't stop with its stupidity. It endorsed Todd Stroger! WTF!!!

ChicagoDefender Newspaper: Pick up your copy of the Chicago Defender newspaper today. The Defender has endorsed Pat Quinn for Governor, Cheryle Jackson for U.S. Senate and Todd Stroger for Cook County Board President. Read more Feb. 2 endorsements in the Chicago Defender.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

School and Work Combined Sucks

I love school, and I like things about my company, but both of them combined are draining. I forgot that going to school and work at the same time is draining. Thursdays have become my new Saturday mornings and I slept until 12 noon today. I haven't been in school since 2003 and even then I skipped all my classes and ended up hurting my GPA so badly, you'd think my college transcripts been sleeping under an elephant. At the same time I'm very excited about class. It turns out that all my classes are very hands on and its fun playing around with layers in Photoshop CS4. My Microsoft Word 2007 class is going to be fun and I'll finally know how to layout my own book without getting a template off, and that's powerful! My goal isn't to get straight A's and make the dean's list. That's irrelevant to me! My main goal is to really learn the material and understand what I'm doing in these courses. I'll be just as happy with 3 C's as I would be with 3 A's as long as I walk away from these courses having an excellent understanding of them so that I can apply them to what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my 1000 year life.

Two days until my birthday this upcoming Saturday and I love receiving gifts. You can send a birthday card or gift to my address below:

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Age Ain't Nothing But a Number

Last night I started the first day of my Microsoft Word class and my instructor was running late due to the horrendous weather last night, so we were standing outside of her classroom door and they all said in unison "let's start a sign-up sheet, slide it under the door, and come back next Monday. I'm looking at these women like they lost their damn minds. I didn't go back to school looking for a free trip, I didn't drive all the way to school for a "class is cancelled" sign. I took this course so that I can better utilize Microsoft Word to layout and format my books since I'm an independent publisher who don't have a big enough budget to hire someone to do those things for me. If class is cancelled, I'm pissed because I want to get my money's worth out of this class. Of course, I'm in class with a bunch of old women with minds of teenagers. How could they possibly think that an instructor missing a session is helping any of us?

Luckily for all of us, our instructor made it to class and walked us through course expectations and other issues that we may have had.

Four days until my birthday Saturday (January 30th). If you wanna send me a birthday gift by mail, do it TODAY before the post office closes. Be sure to mail it to:

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Monday, January 25, 2010

What If I Lied to You? Because Everyone Loves Fairy Tales

Last night's blog post about my sportsbetting sucking was a pretty lighthearted post that delve a little into my personal life and my gambling demons. I didn't expect cutting KR off and feeling disappointed with her by today. Apparently, she felt very offended when I referred to her as the square woman that I'm talking to in My Sportsbetting Sucks blog last night. As I was going to send a "good night KR" text she shot me the following text message:

KR: I was reading your latest blog. Why I gotta be a square? *In my hood voice.. lol* Hey, I resent that! You're more of a square than I am, just know that. I have tamed my was for my son.. lol.

Of course, I took it as lighthearted banter and sent a joking text message in response to her message:

GG: You are a square woman who identifies with the hood, but you're a square nonetheless. I learned that last Saturday when you told me more about yourself. (Actually, I knew she was a square months before that, and I'll talk about that in a minute.) You were a square before you had your son, but that's okay though. I like ya because you're a square who likes certain things about the hood. So sweet dreams my square lady!

Of course I got this response to my text.

KR: Clearly you don't know me.. lol.

Of course, I continued with mine:

GG: From 2004 - 2006, I dealt with women who hustled conned and cheated. I know a square when I see one. Losing your temper a few times doesn't make you "not a square."

**Actually, I dealt with my first female hustler in 2001 before I started gambling.

Of course, I got this unexpected text:

KR: That's the problem of telling people things. They assume they know you and they assume that you are telling the truth. Whose to say it was even true? A person can tell another person anything to paint the picture that they want them to see, but only those who have been around really knows. Assumptions can be DEADLY, but believe what you want to believe. Whose to say it ain't a fairytale?

Assumptions can be DEADLY? Why would anything be deadly with us? We've been talking off and on since July 2009, with us reconnecting and vibing well for the past four weeks. Oh hell no! At this point, I couldn't believe what I was reading. Of course I still tried to be jovial knowing that this textversation was getting out of hand.

GG: I like you anyway square, and you like me too. :-) Now get some rest baby. Good night

All hell broke loose here.

KR: If you haven't learned anything yet the one thing that makes me sick to my stomach is a man who is conceited. Don't tell me what I like, that's not attractive to me AT ALL!!!

Where did that come from? That wasn't conceit; that was stating the obvious. We had come too far to be fronting on each other at this point. Especially after all the times she's told me that she doesn't want to have meaningless sex and that they wants to be in a committed relationship. I've finally told her that I want to commit to her a few days ago and I get a bullshit accusation of being conceited. I was really confused and hurt right here. Either she didn't like me as much as she led me to believe or she's hiding her feelings from me. Either way, she just went off on me for no apparent reason. So now I'm trying to find out where this came from.

GG: So if you don't like me, why have we been talking on and off since July? And why have we been talking all this month?

KR: Good night!

Now I want to address the fairytale part since she wouldn't answer my question, then break things off with her because although I know that she's told me the truth about everything with exception of the insignificant stuff, but the fact that she would want to create some doubt in my mind about her "true self" and insinuate that she would misrepresent herself to me is the reason I realized that KR and I don't have a future together.

GG: And you would lie to me because? But since you just revealed to me that you lied to me Saturday, maybe I just like the fairy tale about you.

As I was typing the rest of my thoughts she sends me this message:

KR: Everyone loves fairy tales, why do you think Disney is so successful? Good night!

So I continue with my thoughts.

GG: I really did want to start something with you, but like other women you can't even be real about what you want when it comes to commitment and a husband like you've been claiming you've wanted. So with that being said, I'm rescinding my offer of commitment to you. I only like the fairy tale. And its a shame you don't want me or anyone else to love you because you could be a good wife to someone, but obviously I'm wrong about you because I obviously don't even know the real you ACCORDING TO YOU. Thanks for blowing up at me for NO REASON. Looks like I don't need anger management at all, because I'm not even angry right now. Good night and goodbye!

She said nothing else after that. Of course I'm very disappointed in KR. I put her on a pedestal, told my mother about her and my friends too. I really thought that I was going to marry KR, but it turns out that I was wrong. What started out as a lighthearted joke about her being square turned into a heated argument when I was merely teasing with her. KR is a sweet, generous, intelligent, and beautiful woman. That's who she really is, but I saw another side of her after she said that assumption is deadly. No, I KNOW that she's a square, and she's still a square which is great! As a square, she makes $60,000 per year (every Illinois Public School teacher's salary is public), she's got a master's degree and a wonderful 3 year old son. I know felons who wish they could live as good as her, but they can't go square. Why are you arguing with me about not being a square? This would have been cool in college, but you're almost 30 years old.. ITS LAME.

Yeah, I listened to you talk about how bad you used to be as a teenager and as an young adult in college, but I knew that you weren't as bad as you talked as soon as you uttered those words. You have no street credibility and that's perfectly fine. I knew you had no street credibility the day I stormed out of your apartment. Remember the incident you keep referring to as my "crazy moment" and "proof that I need anger management?" Of course you do because when you jumped in front of me and gently grabbed me, begging me to talk about this "don't leave;" I don't know what look you saw out of me, but when I looked you dead in your eyes and sternly said "don't touch me and move out my way please!" You looked as if you were trying to decide between pissing and shitting your pants. I knew right then that your talk was much badder that your actual street credibility.

Now KR, don't get me wrong, I'm not proud that I did that to you, and I had obviously scared the shit out of you because we would try to start back talking, then you would get scared that we were getting to close in August and you would disappear. Then when I told you, "forget it, I'm moving on" you started following this blog and left my first ever comment. Oh, don't tell me you don't remember that. That told me "wow, I'm wrong about her, she does still like me!" Because at that point, I still had my doubts. So we made peace again in September, then fell out after I started dogging your preference to live in South Shore. I realized that I was being ignorant, tried reaching out to you again, but you wouldn't talk to me. At this point I said "forget it, she's done with me!" Then I dreamed about you, and you confronted me and asked me what I wanted, and I played as if you didn't mean that much to me. That was in Novemeber.. I realized "I need to reach out to you, so I tried writing you a letter hoping to get a response.. I didn't. So that same month I decided to give MH a try. After that didn't work, I saw you on fb commenting on LT's status message about wifing up black women. We got to talking on there, then slowly but surely we got tight again and now we are at this point.

I'm really disappointed in you because I thought that our bond was deeper than this. I don't care that you aren't as bad as you say you are, but you need to kick that stupid pride to the curb. So what if the street really ain't in you? You're bigger and better than these streets. All these streets will do is eat you alive. I know too many people who went to jail when the street and the "G" really wasn't in them. Give that stupid shit up. Don't give it up for me, give it up for you because this amongst other things is the reason why LG is engaged and you're not.

In the meanwhile, I gotta take KR off my mail list. No longer will my blogs be automatically sent to her. If she wants to read my blog, she'll have to go to like everyone else from now on.

Now only if I can figure out what to do with these Mariah Carey tickets that I had bought for us for Feb 13th. I'll take the loss of KR and money and give two people a ghetto blessing, because I can't stomach going to see this show with someone other than KR when I intended to see the concert with KR.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Sportsbetting Sucks

I'm a gambling man, but like I've told you all before, I've adopted a square lifestyle that I like and I don't like. I like the fact that my money no longer takes swings in the thousands of dollars day to day. I like the fact that I don't have to hire goons to stand at my door admitting people into my game. I also like the fact that I don't have to shake down people who owe me money, or be stuck holding the bag when a wannabe bookie skips town whenever I win a huge bet. No, I love the fact that I'm a businessman now, despite the fact that my business takes place with no storefront. I also like the square woman that I've been talking to. I doubt that she would want to be in my life if I were still traveling around the country chasing money.

However, I occasionally miss the thrill of taking down a monster pot, the action of a prop bet, and my favorite, placing bets on an underdog in a football or basketball game. I just love the fucking action. I love the rush of putting my money on the line balls out! See, once a gambler always a gambler, but I stay away from that with exception of the occasional sports bet on who's going to win the World Series, or betting against the Lakers (which would have won me a ton of money lately if I would just play). With all that being said, I just have too much to lose if I start back gambling again. My mother, KR, and my lifestyle are too important to me to risk losing on gambling. I was a very lonely man when I was a gambler. Sure I had women, I've always had women, but I lost all communication with my mother; and KR wasn't even in the picture back then, but if she were I would have stopped communicating with her back then because I was a true to the felt gambler. My typical day back then: play poker for 12-16 hours a day, collect juice payments, bet on sports, and get my dick sucked whenever I could. It got to the point where I was running a game, and spending every waking hour of my life gambling. I loved gambling better than sex and didn't have a place for a woman in my life unless she was going to cum in my hotel room, and leave before checkout.

Those days are gone, and I can't go back. I'm too old for that shit, but like Jimmy The Greek nothing except poker gets me more excited than betting on sports. I fucking love the possibility of quick money and beating the odds. But had I bet this week, I would have lost big on the Jets. In fact, I was going to place a bet on them, but something deep down inside me told me that Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback of all time and there's no defense that's going to beat the Colts without a formidable offense. I don't even know who the dog is in the Vikings/Saints game, and I didn't know which team to beat on because they both lack toughness with their high-octane offenses and domed stadiums. I probably would have lost big in this game too. The only thing I'll bet on these days is life.

Hopefully, I get to inherit a beautiful family in the process.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 30th is just Another Day

I keep getting asked, "Glenn what are you going to do to celebrate your 21st birthday?" My answer, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Nada, zero, zilch! My 21st birthday (wink) will fall on Saturday, January 30th which is just another day to me. I feel as if I have nothing to celebrate until I'm a best-selling author who's making at least $100,000 per year. Yes, I'm glad that my mother and father decided to have sex 9 months earlier which resulted in the birth of my handsome self. So after my mother said to the doctor, "this is the prettiest baby that has ever been born" and the doctor agreed and after the other newborns started hitting on me, promising me their mothers' breast milk after I give em a free pacifier; January 30th just lost its significance to me. I mean, I know I've grown to be a fat, pretty motherfucker in my adulthood, but that's no reason to block out the day to celebrate.

But I absolutely love birthday gifts! Just send them to:

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Oil Changes and Lunch Dates

I didn't get the oil changed in my blue beauty in a while and I was gonna wait a few more weeks, but my car didn't want to wait. This morning my sensor went off and it reads "oil change soon." The thing scared the hell out of me. I'm not used to these newer cars where they have a tire pressure gauge and gives you notifications when you need to change the oil. Ironically, in another menu, it'll tell you how much oil life you have left. I'm at 3% right now and as a result, I'll be in the car dealership tomorrow afternoon. FUCK! I had a really important lunch date at the same time. I hope she'll understand and we can make arrangements sooner than later. Now why do I have to miss a date over an oil change. Well, my car dealership doesn't take walk-ins in the service department. Yes, I actually have to make and appointment to get my car serviced. Its 1:00 pm tomorrow afternoon this has to absolutely be my favorite way to spend my Saturday.. waiting in the service department for my oil change for way too long, but hey, its free since President Obama discontinued the Pontiac brand. Next election, I will vote republican!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Buy My Book by Check or Money Order

For those of you who prefer to purchase my book by check or money order just send me a sheet of paper with your name, address, phone number, and the number of copies of A Thousand Chances that you'd like to purchase. Send that information to:

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The regular price for my book is $19.99, but if you email me at I'll let you know about a special promotion that I'm running at a lower price.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

College Bowl Games --An Anomaly That's Predictable at Best!

I haven't come armed with statistics to back the claims that I'm making, but I cannot move myself to get excited about college football bowl games. They're fucking retarded. Depending on how tough your conference is, you can get in a bowl game if you have a mediocre .500 record and a losing conference record. There is no clear national champion, and no playoff, so we're only relying on polls to anoint a champion. The college system is pretty much like those youth athletic competitions where "everyone's a winner" and no matter how badly you lose, everyone receives a ribbon.

What makes this an anomaly in my mind is that I support the bowl system despite the "everyone's a winner" ideal, because it makes the schools a ton of money. In fact, I'd like to see even more bowl games created for middle and bottom of the barrel conference schools too. With that being said, we need an incorporation of an eight team playoff AND the bowl games, an idea that I pilfered from UCLA head football coach Rick Neuheisel. In fact, you could designate the four bowl games as the sites for each respective playoff game to be played: The Sugar Bowl, The Rose Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl and the Orange Bowl. The winners of their respective bowls receive big ass trophies and still get to advance to another bowl, while the losers of these bowl games/playoffs can advance to a neutral site to play the remaining games.

For the schools who win their weak ass conferences with 8-4 records, only to be eaten alive by mediocre SEC schools with losing conference records, reward them with a bowl game too (sidebar: yes I'm loosely referring to Northwestern who really got the tar beaten out of them by Auburn until they let them back in the game; forget the score Auburn dominated them with their 3-5 conference record). That way, you can keep the bowl games and reward other college teams for having good - mediocre seasons, and those respective universities can make millions of dollars off the bowl games. The fans have embraced the "everyone's a winner" system and as a result, the respective teams sell a ton of merchandise and sell out stadiums. While I may shake my head at a system where half the teams can go to a bowl game and 1/4th actually win championship trophies, you cannot eliminate this system or else college football is over! Keep the bowl games, but add a playoff, and you'll finally get to see that TCU, Boise St, and Cincinnati aren't as good as analysts have said. Sure they deserve a shot at a national title, but judging from the way Florida smashed Cincinnati last night, you know damn well that Florida, Texas, and Alabama would destroy those teams by at least 21 points. Its finally time to show the rest of the country that those top three teams are in a class of its own while maintaining the bowl games.

Why is Florida's 13-1 record a lot more impressive than Boise state's 13-0 record or TCU's 12-0 record? Its because they play in the toughest football conference in the country, the SEC. The other two teams play in cupcake conferences and while they're well coached and well disciplined, they would get clobbered by Clemson, let alone by elite teams such as Florida, Texas or Alabama. That's why Auburn dominated Northwestern for most of the game in the Outback Bowl --until the last quarter when they decided to make it interesting and let them come back from 14 pts down in less than 5 minutes. Even then Northwestern was lucky for they weren't as fast or as skilled as Auburn with their deceiving 7-5 record (3-5 in conference). Those 3 wins in the SEC were more impressive than any of Northwestern's 5 conference wins in the weak ass Big Ten conference. This illustrated that if you match any team up with a team out the SEC that the SEC team is going to win that bowl 75% of the time. The only two conferences that come close to the SEC are the Pac-10 and the Big 12 and the SEC is still heads and shoulders above those conferences. So congratulations to you if your funky ass state school made it to a bowl, but don't be surprised if/when the SEC conference team with the mediocre 6-6 record beats your team by 21 points because they've played better competition such as Alabama and Florida AND played them tough.