Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let's Be Friends -- Wait... No!

Let's Be Friends -- Wait... No!

I haven't known you for a lifetime
I don't know much about you
I do know that I can't stop thinking about you
Then that brings me to think about those fuck-ing text messages sent by me
I felt gorilla-like by my initial anger
I feel like one penny by my current remorse
Wanting you to come back
As I look at my footprint across your back
Its not fair to me, its not fair to you
I now know what it means to say what you mean and mean what you say
Instead, I chose to be mean

See I knew you liked me, admired me
Saw me, in a light that I could not imagine seeing myself
Instead, I construct walls and shoved you out the front door naked
After you've exposed yourself to me,
Beyond bras and panties
You exposed what lies beneath your tits
You made yourself vulnerable

Only for me to act like an animal
Its my ego
Instead of opening the floor for discussion
I shut the door because it didn't make sense to me
You're so trusting in me
I am so cynical
Looking at what's not going my way
Instead of looking at the better way
You are the better way
You are a great gift to me
Given to me by God
Father forgive me for blocking my blessing of she

© Copyright 2009
Glenn Gamble
All Rights reserved