Sunday, December 27, 2009

Arrogance and Humility

Earlier today I received a phone call from MH and although I was reluctant to speak to her, I decided to pick up the phone to hear what she had to say.

Me: "Hello"

MH: "Hey, how ya doing?"

Me: "I'm okay and you"

MH: "I'm okay."

Me: "Okay"

MH: "Happy Holidays to you Glenn." (after a brief awkward silence)

Me: "Thank you and Happy Holidays to you too MH."

MH: "Thank you"

Me: "You're welcome"

MH: "So what are you doing right now?"

Me: "Nothing, just enjoying the holidays. You?"

MH: "Watching TV with my family."

Me: "Okay"

MH: "Wow, you're a man of few words."

Me: "You asked me your questions and I answered them. Anyway, why did you call me?"

MH: "Why are you being so mean?"

Me: "I'm not being mean, but you called me MH. Where are you going with this?"

MH: "Don't you have anything to say to me? Don't you have an apology for me?"

Me: "APOLOGY? I got things to do, bye!"

I decided to end all contact with MH a week ago last Sunday because she falsely accused me of being behind a bad deed that she thought was being done to her. After the way today's conversation went, I have no regrets about my decision, although I am very disappointed. Last week, I couldn't get past the fact that she elected to not show any self-accountability for her actions after she found that I wasn't behind the deed and she still ignored the fact that I was hurt by her accusations. Not to mention that the actual deed wasn't bad at all and that one of her family members had actually sent her a gift.

I'm more disappointed in MH after talking to her because of the arrogance she displayed towards the end of our short conversation. I was expecting more humility from her, but she decided to be arrogant and ask me whether or not I have an apology for her. She knows full well that I have no apology for her because I did nothing wrong. She made a false accusation towards me, and it was very malicious considering that she was accusing me of a reprehensible act. I was not very happy about the false accusations, but I'm even more disgusted by her expectation of an apology from me when I did nothing wrong! She knows that I did nothing wrong, but to expect an apology from her because I was offended by being falsely accused and feeling like a suspect. I am very offended by the arrogance that she displayed today.

I'm very disappointed in MH because she's a much better person than this. She's a beautiful human being, both inside and out. She's kind, personable, nurturing, ambitious, articulate, and intelligent. I expect better out of MH because she's a much better person than that. She's not arrogant by nature, but for her to speak to me in that manner was disgusting and offensive. I was hoping for an apology from her for making false accusations and assumptions about me, but she decided to show arrogance instead of humility. I wanted more from her last week when she made excuses to justify her false accusations, and I wanted more from her than her display of arrogance when she called today. Her lack of accountability has really disappointed me, because she's a much better person than this. I truly hope that she can identify her shortcomings and correct them because she is so much better than this.