Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Mission

I promise that this is these next 8 months will be the last time I work a job that I hate. I fucking hate my job. I like my company, but I hate my fucking job. I can't stand these stupid ass people in the continental United States who are too fucking stupid to mapquest or drive out to the location that they have a job interview at. These fucks then crap their pants when its minutes before their interview and discover that they can't find the fucking place. I fucking hate that shit! How serious about getting a job can you be when you're too fucking lazy to plan your trip to the interview facility ahead of time? And what reward have I gotten for dealing with these stupid ass people? A promotion that was more like a lateral movement with a few more freedoms? I am so glad that I wrote my book because I need to get out of the structured work environment.

Its time for me to get out here more often and promote the movement behind my book, my poetry, my music and my internet radio show. My mission will always be to speak to and speak on behalf of normal, everyday, hardworking individuals, especially black people, because no one speaks to or talk about us. We are the forgotten ones! Its usually one extreme or another. Either we're portrayed as being butt-fuck poor or rich and arrogant and there's a story that's not being told out here. That's why I write my books, blogs and poems with the passion that I write with. That's why I produce my radio show with the passion that Ms. Biz and I speak with. No one's representing us, but everyone's either talking about the struggle or lying about how much their ballin.