Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lady --You don't want to be a man

your heart's broken
emotions got you stuck
not thinking
just saying
"i wish i could be a man"
i wouldn't have emotion
i can fuck with no feelings
then "fuck off" i'll tell em
finger flick em off
but you have no idea sweetheart

being a man is light years apart from womanhood
judging from your anger
your emotion
you'd be no good
you can't fill the duties
swing this big dick
or carry the weight of a man
hell no!

no one feels sorry for you when you get sick
and because you got a dick
you're responsible
no longer can you be wreckless
have unwanted pregnancies
women get a child support check
men get judgments
no public aid so you can afford iced kool aid
no section 8 when you fall on your ass

when you fall on your ass and people realize you got a dick
you're told man the fuck up!
when your significant other has hurt you, fucked you and left you
you're told man the fuck up!
when you have an unwanted pregnancy
no food stamps no WIC thanks to your big swinging dick
man the fuck up!
you can't feed your kids
man the fuck up!
you're about to get evicted
man the fuck up!
need help to get you through hard times?
"you're a healthy man, man the fuck up!"
need a shoulder to cry on or emotional support
dude, man the fuck up!

if you're a woman, someone feels empathy
if you're a man, its simply
man the fuck up!

Still wanna be a man?

© Copyright 2009
Glenn Gamble
All Rights reserved