Thursday, November 12, 2009

Black Women are Black Women's Worst Enemy

I am so glad that Rihanna has decided to come out to speak out about her ordeal with Chris Brown. However, many people are calling her an opportunist, a bitch, a slut, and a liar for doing so. The majority of these people are black women. Its terrible that when a woman speaks out and shares her story that she's ridiculed by indignant idiots who says that she needs to shut her mouth and move on with her life. No wonder so many women are reluctant to report instances of domestic abuse. In fact, Rihanna herself was reluctant to talk about her experiences!

If a woman who is loved by millions of fans receives this kind of backlash for being a victim, just imagine what the average woman goes through for telling the people closest to her that she's been beat by her boyfriend or that she's been raped. No wonder over 60% of domestic abuse goes unreported. No wonder there are so many instances of rape and child molestation that goes unreported. Black women simply can not talk about their experiences without being criticized, maligned and ostracized.

Here's what one woman had to say:

If it REALLY happened to me, I'd like to keep it private... This whole thing is a joke.. not saying it didn't happen, nut if you'e going to come "out" with the "truth" tell the whole story!!!

Why would it ever be a good idea to keep it private? After a few of us responded, here's what else she had to say:

LoL... Okay Yall... So just run around... hey he beat me he beat me... LoL... Okay... What does that help?@?@?@?

Yes she has more:

YES! I saw the picture and so did the rest of the world. I analyzed the picture OVER AND OVER. He busted her lip... The rest of her face is from crying her eyes out. She has eye make-up on... It doesnt look to me that he hit her in her eye. The other marks are from scuffling. IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE HE "Beat" HER ASS. He was wrong and he was punished. People kill people and NOTHING happens. Let God decide the rest of his fate.

It does not look like he beat her ass? What kind of crack is she smoking because that some shit that was too good for Rick James and Richard Pryor to fuck with.

Wait, there's more!

So now she is no longer embarrassed... and the fact her album is coming out in a week has nothing to do with it... and that they are debuting her video on 20/20 friday has nothing to do with her "coming out" LoL.. ok.

And if it didn't get any more ridiculous:

He was wrong for hitting her. I agree with that fully. I'm just not about to go off a one sided story that sounds less credible the more this young lady speaks. What she says makes no sense. I feel for her and the altercation...

What I am saying, is that if she wanted to be an advocate for domestic violence she needs to say that... and stop playing with people's minds.

What gives this woman the right to determine whether or not this woman can be an advocate for domestic violence? Crack kills!

CHRIS NEVER EVER said his side of the story... EVER!!!

He said he'd talk later from her accounts of the story... then she said she egged him on... and on... and on... he wanted to drop it... and she didn't. I don't think he just hit her because she didn't want to stop talking.... THERE IS WAY more to this story...

As Charles Barkley would say, "that's just stupid! Trbl, trbl, trbl."

And here's another woman on crack who cosigned with her fellow crackhead. Tyrone Biggums would be proud!

And I don't really like your music just stop playing the role you shouldnot have been with the young man in the frist place get a really man and let the kids be kids.... you have mess that young man head up.....Rihanna....

She also had more.

itz alwayz 2 sides of the fence...if u ask me...both of em fulla shit...kno one knows xactly what happened...the shit is old as hell...ppl gon go through shit evrday...they only made a big deal cuz there celebrities...they r still going 2 b famous n still make money

I am so glad that she doesn't have to depend on these heartless gorillas for 100% of her income, and thank God that she can afford to isolate herself from these women. These women have serious emotional problems stemming from unreported and reported domestic abuse, rape, molestation, and child abuse. These women are so damn angry because Rihanna speaking out also reminds them of their past, unhealed wounds that they've never dealt with. Regardless of reason, it is plain irrehensible for these women to have maligned this young woman for having the courage to share her story with the public. Her album coming out this week, who gives a fuck? She's going to have to answer questions surrounding this incident as long as she does publicity for the album, so it was best for her to do a 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer to address these issues. Of course the media is insatiable and she's continuing to speak out, which I'm not mad at, but these ghetto gorillas are when they could direct that energy towards supporting Rihanna.

However, Rihanna did two things wrong in their eyes: 1) she spoke out publically about her ordeal; 2) in doing so she threw the light skinned dude under the bus which is still a no-no in the ghetto gorilla community. Light skinned dudes can do no wrong in the eyes of ghetto ass black women who desire to have babies with these guys to have a chance of having their own light skinned baby with "good hair." How dare she speak ill of the light skinned god Chris Brown? Yes, in y2k9 you still have black people who are fixated on segregation by skin complexion. Combine this with preexisting issues stemming from abuse, rape, molestation, and God knows what else and you got a bunch of mad gorillas after this woman.

Unfortunately, Rihanna isn't alone in suffering backlash and ridicule in the black community. Whenever a black woman cries out about being a victim she's told to "shut the fuck up and move on" and "you must have been doing something wrong to get your ass beat/raped/abused/molested and that's what the fuck you get." These women's mothers, sisters, and girlfriends are the ones telling these women this kind of heartless, mind-numbing bullshit. No wonder over 60% of all domestic abuse goes unreported. No wonder so many instances of rape and child molestation goes unreported. When the women step forward, they're getting criticized and ostracized by the heartless people in their lives who supposedly love them. If you want to get a better understanding of what I'm talking about, go see the movie Precious. Once you see how Precious mother blames her molested daughter for "stealing her husband" you'll understand the sickness that I'm speaking on.