Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wearing Black Face and Buck Dancing

You may think I'm referring to the Australian Blackface Performers Needing a Gut Punch article on RedEye journalist Kyra Kyles' blog, but I'm not --although I give kudos for checking those closeted racist performers and commenters on her blog. No, I'm referring to the functional illiterates who glorify ignorance --the black people who sit around and do nothing but shake their ass to these ignorant Gucci Mane songs. Granted, I saw the Buffie the Body and Gucci Mane YouTube series and I believe that he's truly a 'bama functioning out of ignorance, its the black people who listen to the radio, buy these singles off iTunes, and gyrate to these songs at the club who remind me of the blackface period in Hollywood. A special kick in the ass goes out to all the music programmers at these radio stations taking payola to play the same 10 songs every day.

Its humiliating and sickening to be a part of a generation who say its okay for John Singleton to make movies involving the stereotypical portrayal of the lowest common denominator of black people just because the producer is black. What's even more sickening is that a black producer feels as if he has to make those kind of jive nigga movies to eat. And don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those black militant types who wants to sterilize black movies for every scene of potentially offensive content, but these movies are blatantly jigga-boo offensive. Think of the movie Soul Plane. Do you honestly believe that all black people act like the character portrayals in Soul Plane? Of course not, but what offends me is that in order for black actors to get parts in movies they have to play in a movie full of character gyrating and buck dancing for chicken and watermelon. When do we get angry and demand Hollywood to produce more movies like Why did I get married or almost anything that Spike Lee produced?

And when do we stop crying at vigils and buck dancing at our children's repasts? When do we stop paying lip service to what we need to do and actually start doing? So many people screamed and shouted that we need to do something for our children when Derrion Albert was killed, but no one seems to remember their rants as his story has died down and these pseudo-activists have retreated to their lifestyles of gyrating, buck dancing, clubbing, fucking on empty stomachs, and don't nothing for their communities that echoed their demands for action. These inner-city folk and people on my facebook friends list making such demands ain't shit but a bunch of cowards who pay lip service. None of these bastards were taking the bus to Altgeld Gardens with Jesse Jackson Jr. the other day, and many of them are unemployed. Yet they showered me with criticism when I said that for the time being I'm going to do nothing but make sure I get married and raise my children to be productive citizens, that's how I'm going to give back to a society of inner-city black people who don't care to raise their children and don't give a shit about them terrorizing their own neighborhoods as long as they have a bucket of Harold's Chicken and a Friday movie to comfort them.

, the author is aware of and recognizes that there are many good parents in the inner city struggling to raise their children to be productive citizens in an often hostile environment of poor neighborhoods overrun with unproductive neighbors who half-ass parent future sociopaths who ridicule, tease, and bully these children for striving to be productive. If it isn't the bad neighborhoods run by shitty aldermen living off the democratic ticket its poor schools, lack of business growth, and a lack of jobs that these children have to combat. I'm not referring to these tireless parents who are basically tired of the same shit that I'm talking about.