Saturday, October 3, 2009

LIVE Today!

This past week has been hit hard with well publicized deaths of young people with the most recent being my former high school classmate Lawrence Peterson. My condolences goes out to his family and I could not imagine being a parent or a sibling of this young man who died much too young at 28 years old. I personally didn't know him well, I knew of him as the really tall cat in my Physics class who played on Lindblom's basketball team. That fact doesn't make his death any less surreal, especially with us being the same age. He's a young man who died much too young at the hands of a driver who ran a stop light

I'm sharing this story because this week has been a constant reminder that tomorrow isn't promised to us. When I first saw the news from former classmates on facebook I said to myself "Oh my God, this can't be!" Not to mention that this is the same day as Derrion Albert's funeral. After coming down from the initial shock I discovered a renewed sense of urgency. Life is too short to be living with regrets, to be living with and holding on to past hurts, to be waiting for anything in life to come to you. If you want something in life GO AFTER IT NOW! If you always wanted to take that trip to a certain destination, BOOK IT NOW even if you have to book it 3-4 months in advance on your credit card to get the best deal DO IT! If you want to get that degree in nursing GET ENROLLED NOW for the upcoming spring semester. If you care about that friend that you hurt, call her up, text her, email her, and tell her you're sorry and that you love her. Don't let another day pass by without taking action. Get fucking moving right now!

In my case, I have to get out here and sell my book TODAY and not a day later, if one person says no, so what, next! Move on to the next one until enough people say yes because life is SWSWSW -- some will, some won't, so what! I have to prepare to be married with 4 children within the next 5 years RIGHT NOW. All that "you have time" or "you have your whole life ahead of you" is bullshit. The problem with us is that we don't get off our asses soon enough and we use those phrases as excuses to procrastinate, me included. As a result, two things will happen; either we'll pass away before getting around to setting our plans in motion or we'll look up and we're 80 years old seemingly the next day. Either way, death creeps up on us sooner than expected and life is short! Too fucking short and too fucking precious to be sitting up here talking about "I'm still torn by the breakup with my boyfriend/girlfriend of the past 5 years." Take your fucking power back, take your life back, take your soul back! Don't let these lousy motherfuckers suck the life out of you. If you got a dream, a desire, an idea, fucking pursue it now! What the fuck are you sad about? Okay, shed tears, burn pictures, pay your debts or lose the house and start over; whatever you have to do to move forward DO IT! Do it while you have your life, its too damn precious not to.

Lawrence Peterson
Derrion Albert