Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Will Not Apologize

I Will Not Apologize

I will not apologize
For being fly
A young man with swagger from the city of Chi
Its a pity that I--
Am made to feel guilty about all that I have accomplished
And all that I set out to accomplish

I will not apologize
For having goals
For being more than a broke nigga with a hard dick and soft lint
For knowing that there's a difference between being poor and having a broke slave mentality
For having aspirations to give my children more than I had
And I had a lot

I will not apologize
For having a great mother who loves me
Who instilled in me that I can be anything I want to be
That I'm more than just a good looking sperm donor with curly hair and light skin
I'm more than the stereotypical light skinned potential baby daddy that these black women be beggin --for

I will not apologize
For growing up in a hard working class family
For having a mother and grandmother who knew I was special
For my mother making the sacrifices necessary to send me to private school
For my not being a thug who talks about you wanting this dick all day
For demanding that my woman has real substance beyond running up her debt paying lip service

I will not apologize
For being a higher caliber black man than the lower common denominator of black men who pretend to be thugs when they really are bums
For being a black boy from Englewood raised to be a great man who respects women
For knowing that beauty in life extends beyond petty, jive-nigga, hood bullshit
For not cherishing inner city hoods and ghettos for the misdirection and dysfunction that they breed

I will not apologize
For knowing my value and knowing that I'm a king of all that I survey

© Copyright 2009
Glenn Gamble
All Rights reserved