Friday, October 2, 2009

Daley Finally Doesn't Get His Way --Chicago Loses Bid for 2016 Olympics

I'm happy to see that for once in my lifetime fat-boy Rich Daley didn't get what he wanted. He tried to go to Copenhagen and bully and intimidate his way into a winning bid by criticizing the other host cities and using the same tactics that he uses to keep his city aldermen in check. Thank God the IOC has bigger balls than the city aldermen and turned Chicago down. Now its time to vote porky out of office because the redlining --I mean redeveloping-- of Washington Park and Bronzeville will be put on hold. The best hope for redlining --excuse me, I mean revitalizing-- Bronzeville was for Chicago to win the Olympic games. With the economy the way it is, there's no telling how long redevelopment will take.

Of course, I checked my facebook page and saw that it was ringing with statuses left and right with people expressing how happy they were that Chicago didn't win the olympic bid for 2016. People were saying "okay, maybe Mayor Daley can focus more on the crime in the city and spend money on stopping the violence in the city." These statements were mostly coming from black people. Don't get me wrong, I love my black people, but collectively we've been addressing inner-city crime in a half-assed manner. First we want to blame our politicians, then we want to blame the rap music, then the availability of guns, then TV; in other words we want to blame everyone but ourselves for black neighborhoods having an overwhelming number of these savage crimes occuring in our neighborhoods in comparison to other ethnic groups with the hispanics being an exception. Even then, there's no excuse for our children to be violent, but the real issue here is that we're not addressing the real root of the problem in our communities: BAD PARENTING.

The parents of these criminals 95% of the time are fucking awful, yet we want to blame the police, the mayor and the rappers for our dirty laundry. As many things as I can say about Mayor Daley one thing I can't say is that he's responsible for our children terrorizing the neighborhoods. The Stop Snitching code was a code amongst criminals, not amongst square citizens harboring and protecting these pseudo-thugs who are crying like bitches when they're in the precinct singing like canaries. The fact of the matter is we're complaining about it, pretending that we're outraged, but turning our heads when senseless crimes occur. No one wants to do shit about the crime beyond saying "the mayor need to do something about the crime" and the worst suggestion was for the National Guard to come in the city. These cowardly people are saying "we need to be more active in the community," but in reality, they want someone else to actually carry out the action while they continue to preach empty declarations.

And don't say that we can't do anything ourselves. If your neighborhood is a high crime neighborhood, one way you can take it back is to copy the positive loitering movement that's occuring in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood, but don't sit up here another minute waiting for someone to do something in your neighborhood. Unless you're going to be proactive in reporting crimes and making a stand to let these wanna-be thugs know that you're not going to tolerate their shit; you may as well stay quiet and cower in a hole somewhere. In tandem with a positive loitering movement, black people in these neighborhoods need to be better parents than they have been. Unfortunately in these neighborhood slums, black folks celebrate ignorance and ridicule education and success. Until these things change, no amount of funding will change these neighborhoods.