Friday, October 9, 2009

Chamillionaire's Twitter Business Sense --Opinion by Glenn Gamble

I'm really pumped about the existence of Twitter. At first, I hated Twitter because I didn't understand how to use it and I felt that there was no way to network with other online users. This was until I met several people at the Let's Create New Media in Chicago event who gave me business cards with their Twitter pages on them. We were also instructed to send tweets to #letscreate so I went back home, said "what the hell" and added the people I met at the event and I'm blown away with all the good content that's being openly shared back and forth. I feel that my business acumen has been sharpened tremendously in the past week and a half.

This has really motivated me to get out here on my grind, get my book hustle on, and really interact with my fans online. In the past, I've used my facebook page strictly for talking trash and didn't really take it seriously as an extension of my business and up until today, I still haven't. Now that I've seen Chamillionaire discuss how Twitter has really enabled him to interact with his fans and build loyalty, I will take social networking a lot more seriously. Don't get me wrong, I'll still be jovial, sarcastic, and downright blunt, but I have been shown the light and realize that now its time for me to really get serious about my business from this point forward. It really feels like everything's starting to come together for me with the great people that I met at Let's Create to the recent Examiner article that I was featured in -- Do black men care about black women's hair?-- to the discovery of this video thanks to thescottbishop, I feel like everything is starting to come together.

Take a look at this excellent interview with Chamillionaire.