Monday, September 7, 2009

Oprah Winfrey on Chris Brown

We all know what happened between Chris Brown and Rhianna so I won't rehash the events here (for more details, just do a Google search). Ever since that incident took place Oprah Winfrey has been attacking young Chris. Considering that she doesn't know the entire story Oprah's out of bounds for making many of the harsh accusations that she has made toward him. After all, Rhianna could have attacked Chris Brown, and don't give me that shit about her hitting him not hurting, and how little and fragile her body is and that he shouldn't have retaliated if that was the case. No one would say shit about Shaquille O'Neal breaking Katt Williams in two if Katt kept hitting him in his shins. No, you all would say "that nigga Katt got what was coming to him, he shouldn't have been fucking with Shaq like that." The same should go for Rhianna and other women like her. I'm not saying that she deserved the ass-kicking that she got, because I don't know all the facts --I'm saying that no adult deserves to be hit. Its not as easy as "oh, I'ma walk away" when the woman is the aggressor and won't let you walk away. If you don't want to get beat the fuck up, don't hit men, instead resolve your issues through talking; or leaving altogether if he's unreasonable.

See the issue I have with Oprah isn't for her opinion on whether or not Chris Brown was wrong for beating the tar out of Rhianna --he was. Its her "yassa massa" attitude it comes to black male celebrities and white male celebrities. For instance Tom Sizemore, Vanilla Ice, Sean Penn and many other white celebrities have all been arrested for domestic violence yet I've never seen Oprah discuss these celebrities with the same vigor that she pursued the Chris Brown/Rhianna incident.

Then again, I'm not surprised --Oprah has had a history of speaking down on black men and saying nothing critical about white men, especially when it comes to celebrities. Remember the Don Imus incident involving the Rutgers Women's Basketball team? Notice how she took that issue and deflected it away from the real culprit, Don Imus, and used it as a reason to have a town hall meeting on her show about the derogatory language used in hip hop music. She never addressed Don Imus for calling black women nappy headed hos --instead she insinuated that the reason why this good ol' white man called those women nappy headed hos is because the rappers are doing it. What a slap in the face Oprah!

Furthermore, if Oprah's going to drag the black celebrities in the mud without having all the facts --then I want to see her go after the white celebrities with the same vigor. Start holding the white men accountable in the same disrespect as you would for the black male celebrities or don't say anything at all. Until she does this I will have no respect for her.

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